1. ARob, Sutton, Russ, Stafford, Kamara, Waller, and Swift…

  2. my opponent, with whom I am competing against for the final playoff spot in our 10 team league. I wish i was kidding.

  3. What madman started colts D on the road against one of the best offenses in the NFL

  4. friend’s GF, she had bucs defense in and colts dst on the bench but she switched them since she has Burrow and Higgins.

  5. Wondering if I should pick him up to start over Hollywood…

  6. nope, i have goff and i don’t trust him on the road against the Jets secondary

  7. njoku for floor and hill for ceiling, might just go njoku either way

  8. Who's a stronger pickup? Dobbins or Damien Harris?

  9. i’d be so mad at that hollywood drop if i hadn’t won my week already

  10. planted on his right leg while scrambling and went down, non-contact and he got carted off

  11. got offered jacobs for allen robinson after the draft, didn’t want to make any moves before week 1

  12. i hear what you’re saying but being a freak athlete isn’t as game-breaking in soccer like it is in the NFL

  13. Can Jeff Wilson Jr outscore Palmer/Herbert stack? Give me your % chance.

  14. silly me thinking i could get points from rushing TDs starting both swift and jamaal

  15. How does everyone have a TD except Amon Ra. In a must win week I can’t believe he’s letting me down like this

  16. i started goff, swift, jamaal, and amon ra. i’m baffled right now

  17. I had him and Kupp last year. It was glorious.

  18. had both of them plus tyreek in my first fantasy season, i’ll never have a better receiving core

  19. i was bamboozled by that one 40 bomb from kamara earlier this season

  20. yup, he has a whole one point more than evans right now

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