1. Just finished the survey can you draw a picture of me. I’m not going to include a reference image it’s way funnier if you have no idea what I look like and just bs it

  2. this is amazing! I am in fact a bunny so it’s really accurate.

  3. May I ask what's the source of the picture? Is it from a picrew maybe?

  4. it is from a picrew! I don’t have the link anymore sadly. I could probably find it if you want though

  5. I love RATM (i’m listening to Know Your Enemy at this very moment)

  6. I agree, baby geese are adorable. But what does that have to do with Ryan Reynolds?

  7. because Ryan Reynolds likes to take baby geese from the park and make them have tea parties with duh 🙄

  8. pretty fucked. in nearly every single midterm election in the entirety of american history the president’s party has lost control of congress. The only exception I can remember was in 2002.

  9. it’s not as bad as it sounds though congress basically never passes any laws in a divided government especially not controversial ones so as long as we keep the presidency in 2024 it should be fine.

  10. honestly I don’t remember but I guess i’ll find out as soon as I post this

  11. If you can find a friend to do a costume with you could switch, my gf and I are doing Cosmo and Wanda, I’m being Wanda and she’s being a fem Cosmo, see also Jessie and James from Pokémon, James is the biggest egg

  12. I was going to do jesse and james with my girlfriend but she broke up with me :/

  13. I'm negative because I don't see the positives in things.

  14. the only reason people like winning is because it’s an accomplishment. Victory holds no value if you don’t lose a lot first.

  15. oh boy I sure hope he doesn’t say anything horrible that will permanently ruin his career

  16. I think your mom made a mistake when she had sex with me last night lol gottem

  17. omg lime concrete powder?!?! ur my favourite minecraft block

  18. As I am trying to teach my FtM son, gender can be a journey, not a destination. Lean in to what makes you happy. That's the only thing that matters. Fitting some mold of "male" or "female" or even "non-binary" should never be the goal.

  19. I made this account as an alt it has now became my main

  20. I made this account to make a single post on transtryouts and i’m still using it

  21. Mine was just a throwaway too. Sadly fake_account-1 was taken

  22. Usually i’m not a fan of all powerful rulers but I like your name so you get a pass. Can I have a fancy sounding but secretly pointless position in your administration with a cool title and no actual responsibilities?

  23. Since ur a fellow robyn you may be a member of the high council

  24. you could be agender! When I ask myself what part of my identity is my gender, I can’t find anything. Thats what agender means to me.

  25. I’ve thought about it It just doesn’t feel like the right label for me. Thanks for the advice though and congrats on figuring yourself out!

  26. Have you tried wearing clothes meant for the other gender? Or maybe looking as androgynous as possible? It sounds weird but when I got my hands on a stuffed bra I felt so much euphoria that I’m sure only a trans person could have (but like in a cis way)

  27. I have worn a skirt and thigh highs and I did really like it (in a definitely cis way)

  28. A different type of advice I could give is, find a reason for it, me personally my mom is transphobic, so I became trans out of spite, I know it sounds dumb but when I think that maybe I’m faking, I tell myself I’m doing it out of spite, so it doesn’t matter

  29. I became trans to scare old people and conservatives (and also because women pretty 😳)

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