1. It’s clear you’re trying to make a career out of social media.

  2. It’s completely discretionary and ultimately up to tournament organisers.

  3. I'd wait too but wouldn't call my daughter at 3 am....shed see me when she showed up at 7am

  4. A pretty weird detail to pick apart but I agree I probably wouldn’t call at that time either.

  5. Ngl I don’t think this is that bad. Covid isolation sucks.

  6. Again, I’m not talking in terms of medical definitions; there is a clear and distinct separation, of course there is. I don’t know any man that genuinely thinks that urine comes from the deep recesses of the vaginal canal.

  7. I agree with you, vagina is a colloquial term for female genitals to many, and to assert otherwise in casual conversation is semantics.

  8. The post from last year with this picture someone explained it ate away the lipid layers and such.

  9. It’s funny you can see OPs photo is significantly more compressed than this one.

  10. I didn't really mean to pull out pitchforks and torches, just found it interesting.

  11. Yeah I don’t have an issue with reposts, I just think it’s interesting how the photo has “aged” since getting passed around.

  12. Backi-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-oto-otomy Tusks crazy, curvy, wavy, big trunk, lil tail, yea yea yea

  13. ...was it really necessary to downvote me tho? I mean come on, her eyebrow isn't even real but yout think her eyes are?

  14. Man here’s never heard of a combination rifle before

  15. If he just stayed where he was, he could have ridden the leg back down to the ground

  16. The ultraviolet light, nothing - no president has ever done this, the scientists - my grandfather said the scientists told him about ultraviolet light, the virus can’t spread - it’s true, you can’t imagine how much they hate it

  17. It’s nicer not to correct people, what a weird hill.

  18. Oh I love a good non sequitur with a unoriginal passive aggressive bend. Have a nice week.

  19. Lol I don’t think you know what passive aggressive means but ok

  20. Im not rich and i use my credit card for every purchase i make. Ive got multiple flights for free by doing so.

  21. Spending someone else’s money is a chad move if you can afford to pay it back.

  22. As a white guy I find these parodies so fucking funny, it’s hilarious to see a different view on cultural norms. Also not taking yourself too seriously is always a good thing

  23. You sound really accepting of others :) The black community accepts you I’m sure!

  24. Homosexuality is found in plenty of species. Wouldn’t surprise me if cephalopods were capable of Sapphic and achillean relationships

  25. Why did you say Sapphic and Achilliean as instead of lesbian and homosexual?

  26. I legit laughed till I couldn't breath. My chest actually hurts. As soon as she brought out the lipstick I knew she was gonna do a Buffalo Bill impersonation. God damn that is seriously the funniest thing I've seen in a long time

  27. To you maybe. But I have inside jokes with friends that make it really funny to me.

  28. Oh that’s new information that now makes it funny haha thanks for sharing

  29. It wan't a turd it was just me!

  30. Always amazes me how incompetent people can be

  31. Not you, though. You’re very competent, at everything

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