1. What are your computer's specs and can your share a sample file?

  2. Definitely MOI3D, but I think Blender has now surpassed it in all ways.

  3. Lol 2 different tool sets and not to be compared.

  4. Why? Can you elaborate a bit? I haven't used MOI in quite awhile but Blender (afaik) has everything MOI could do and much more obviously.

  5. Moi is surface CAD, Blender is NOT CAD in any way, shape or form. ;)

  6. I used to do retail design and I used SU with AutoCAD (CD's) and they worked very well together. Something is wrong if you are constantly crashing, maybe hardware related. I can't remember my last ACAD and/or SU crash.

  7. I do retail design work as well. AutoCAD LT for the drawing sets and SU for the client renders and custom casework designs. I deplore using Layout. In fact, there are times I'll export SU elevations back into AutoCAD to annotate. I still have yet to understand why someone would want to use SU as the main CAD program for CD's.

  8. SU and Layout are ok for small, one man firms. Past that and residential it's pretty useless. No one wants full color CDs for projects.

  9. Some drag queen band should call themselves "We the People"!

  10. TIL. This raises my regard for KISS somewhat.

  11. Moves them up a notch in my book. They're now 1 from bottom.

  12. "tHeY cAn'T hAnDlE tHeIr eM0TatIoNs" ;)

  13. Return to Castle Wolfenstein!

  14. 12th gen i5 or better. 16 gb of ram or more. 10 series GTX or better graphics card and 512 gb m.2 ssd or better. With this you can pretty much run anything you want, for several years.

  15. No LISP would be a “No” for me

  16. My work tried to switch me to LT a few years ago (obviously cause of the huge price difference). I told them I wasn’t nearly as productive without LISPs and they have never brought up the subject again.

  17. Accidentally shot yourself in the head two times.

  18. And NOT my shooting hand! So weird?!?!? ;)

  19. Nice ride. I always thought that the hood scoop was too small. Needs to be about double that width imo.

  20. Everything is better on the BPW ;)

  21. Probably be the first time republicans and Magahats have ever read the entire document.

  22. Skip the 1st, stop at the 2nd! ;)

  23. There's more to the constitution than the amendments.

  24. No shit! Just making it easy for the Qtards!

  25. “Will Tom Cruise come out of the closet?” Tom was hiding in one of the boy’s closet and then John Travolta went in the closet as well ;)

  26. It took a few months to get on.

  27. You fucking killed it dude!!

  28. I thought ur comment was the caption for ur image. Was expecting a photoshop of spanking. But you pleasantly surprised me.

  29. Did you install the AutoDesk Desktop App?

  30. oh i did download it there thank you so much man . appreciate the help!!

  31. No problem, glad that you got it sorted.

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