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  1. Nobody cares when the guy is the young one. An adult woman can do what they want with their bodies.

  2. Speak for yourself dude, it’s fucking weird and gross when the guy is the young one too. Looking at Madonna and her partners…

  3. wtf do you care which adults are having consenting sex? That’s what’s weird here.

  4. Sex is sex. Whole-ass relationships, though? There will always be a power dynamic when there’s a significant age gap.

  5. I mean, it totally does once you consider the kind of people who use the term “Chad” non-ironically

  6. Check out my finished backpiece (link below). There are butterflies by Taylor (she likes butterflies) and maple leaves by Carly (she's Canadian).

  7. Yes. It's my backpiece. Hi. It's me. I'm the problem. It's me.

  8. This is my favorite card in the entire game don't you dare disrespect my gooey book.

  9. Omg I never realized it was a book. I literally thought it was a shoe squishing the lil guy. Lmao

  10. Agreed! I live in a place where the tap water tends to have a lot of heavy metals. I don’t drink it, so I didn’t want my 🍊 to drink it either, but she couldn’t stay away from the taps!

  11. Awww, a rare orange lady 🥹 love the lil tongue poking out. What a cutie!!

  12. Hospital Pharmacy IV technician. You live in the basement of a hospital and make drugs while listening to music all day

  13. How would one transition from retail to this? Like where would one start?

  14. Apply to a large hospital and during the interview say you're interested in IVC work. It's a niche skill that's hard to come by so most larger places are willing to train. Especially teaching hospitals. Emphasize multitasking and teamwork during the interview. If you have any college coursework/familiarity with math and general chemistry put that down as relevant experience. Oddly enough, helps to have restaurant experience (serving requires math and multitasking).

  15. Thank you so so much for your response!! I’m going to have to look into this, retail is killing me 😅 appreciate your help!

  16. And what does it make him that he didn’t value himself and gave it up so easily? Oh I guess that only applies to women huh. 🤡

  17. Both seem like consenting idiots so whatever lol, such a clown. But that’s the thing kids like you obviously don’t understand if there were hard undeniable FACTS instead of he said she said then even in court this would hold. Problem is there isn’t. So quit fucking crying there both wrong period. Grow up

  18. Then why even make the dumbass comment about her not valuing herself if they’re both “consenting idiots?” Lmao you grow the fuck up.

  19. Ok cute but… don’t bring your dogs to target. Especially not in the carts 🥴

  20. I’m not vegan but this looks incredible. Definitely going to try and make this soon!

  21. One of my favorite bands was created when the vocalist saw 9/11 go down on his way home from work, as the story goes.

  22. Kris Jenner worked very hard to make sure everyone would forget about this tragedy as quickly as possible.

  23. Also not being rude but how is Colleen a 10 ? I think Xanax is much prettier then her lol

  24. No they do not. Bit honestly the best feature is your eyes. God damn you are HOT

  25. I’m kinda goin through it atm so I appreciate your words. I try. Thank you

  26. Gold for the real answer + bonus points for commenting on panty liner daily wearers! I often feel so alone in this!

  27. Funny, I just finished the audiobook today. Considering she is an actress, I found it strange that she read every line the same way. Speaking quickly in mostly monotone with the inflection dropping down at the end of each sentence. I personally would have preferred to read the book instead.

  28. i always thought she had a flat affect watching her interviews and listening to her podcast, i think that’s just the way she talks irl

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