1. I often go braless. Until about a year or two ago my boobs weren't that big so nobody would know unless they were staring right at them. Now that I'm much bigger than before it is noticeable. She can keep them covered with a dupatta or something and she should be fine. If it were an issue your mom would have already scolded her for it now.

  2. Meri mom or meri wife ki aapas main nahi banti. Ye ek or masla hai!

  3. Then she would have scolded her every time she noticed. Its probably not that noticeable. Talk to her about bralette. They are more comfortable.

  4. I have something similar to you but very very tame in comparison.

  5. If the genders were reversed it would be considered harassment. I guess it's still harassment. And if this guy was underage, then this is VERY inappropriate and creepy.

  6. This is a list of Harry/Ginny smut fics. Idk how much they are in character though. I haven't read all of them

  7. Like this happened a few years back and i was dressed fine but he let his hands...errr..wander. its been a fanstasy since then to let sth like that happen but a little more explicit

  8. I'm down for both tbh. How are sheer tops possible here? The most I've done is going commando. But I don't think I'd be ok with an unknown person touching me. I have to know him, even if it's just a bit. I wouldn't dare do such a thing in Pakistan tho. Only in a country that's open to public nudity. And even then only in a place where I won't be the only one wearing sheer tops or be topless.

  9. Same . I dress pretty modest but i fantastize about nude beaches so much.also sheer tops with no bra types scenez. I only travel to work and back home so only see the same peeps erryday But if I get the opportunity to go plsces where I'll meet people for the first and last time ever achay khsay nazaray hongy sbk lye.

  10. Posted this a while back but the mods aren't around to approve posts ig.

  11. Any new adventures on the way or are the wild times over?

  12. I think I've been banned from the sub. I made a post but it didn't show up.

  13. By the way, I also have the same fetish. I am also taking risks and exploring my fetish step by step. I have confessed about my exhibitionism fetish in this group. So if you want you can check out my confession.

  14. The only thing I can say is that don't do it to the opposite sex or in public places.

  15. Nice !!! Sounds like lesbian seduction porn

  16. its so hot to know our own desi girls confessions and specialy lesbian ones. its a shame that in pakistan even straight men and women are left with no choice but to have gay sex because of segregation. i always wondered if girls have gay sex too like us boys.

  17. I'm straight. But I wouldn't dare flash a guy living in a country like Pakistan. Straight guys have gay sex?

  18. Will you share your exhibitionism here....

  19. I mean certain conservative counties you can get killed for doing such things - is this one of those?

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