1. Fortunately, there are fans with a spare million lying around, who are only to happy to put it toward this cause. I am not one of those fans.

  2. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0416545/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t35

  3. It shows the desperation of the Pac 12 that they’re relying on an unproven first year head coach to single-handedly save the conference. Also even if Deion turns out to be a grand slam hire, one great program won’t do anything to greatly enhance a media rights deal. See the ACC with Clemson for proof.

  4. It also gives Deion unparalleled leverage to stay in the job, in the event his team is losing games it should win.

  5. It wasn’t a sitcom, but I loved Adam-12 from that era.

  6. Over the years, I've learned that both shows inspired many GenX people to work for police and fire departments. I had twin brothers in my high school class who became paramedics, because of it.

  7. You need to check out an NBA playoff game. I went to a Western Conference Finals game a few years ago. Even though the home team lost, there was a night and day difference with the atmosphere.

  8. Their retrospective on appletv is amazing. I feel privileged to have been able to grow up with them and the opportunity to mature with them as artists and human beings. "Licensed to Ill," was the first cassette I bought with my own money and as a teenage boy (I'm a little ashamed to admit) I shared the same values as they did. My perspective; just like theirs, matured and I think that they also had something to do with that. What an amazing group of guys who had a huge influence on the man that I became.

  9. I didn't really enjoy much of their music and I enjoyed learning about their career from that documentary. It's really well done.

  10. Let's all raise a glass and say together "And, but, and or will get you pretty far..."

  11. Followed by a rousing chorus of "Naughty, mean old number nine."

  12. I think the problem with her goal of seeking to keep the same crew for the entire season is that it challenges the producers to provide crew members that she can't possibly keep for a whole season. I suspect that's why Sandy's been assigned some unbelievably bad crew. I also think the producers doing that brings out her worst instincts, which is why she tries to survey the guests who's doing a poor job.

  13. Anytime I get an urge to purchase a magazine, I remind myself I can just read about it on the interwebs and keep my magazine monies.

  14. Many magazine sites are putting their best stuff behind paywalls, so you still have to part with some money to read the whole thing.

  15. Good. I’m actually surprised by this ruling. Thought for sure our Supreme Court would fuck it up.

  16. There is bigger money to be made from a World Heritage Site than the movers and shakers of Newark can produce to prevent one from being established.

  17. The guy is 69 years old and milking the college athletic system for a $3m salary, but acts like the players getting a small cut will ruin everything. It’s all rotten from the top down.

  18. In addition to P5 schools, his employer has to represent the interests of many schools that can barely afford athletics.

  19. I honestly think I’ve heard rumblings about them coming here as well. If it’s someone you can access quickly and for a reasonable price, it’ll do well in Ohio.

  20. I can’t imagine Buc-ee’s without the heavy emphasis on Texas merchandise. And I can’t imagine Ohioans are going to want that Texas merchandise, if it comes with the store.

  21. Whichever one it is, we probably won’t see much of the other. And if it’s Brown, It’s not far fetched to think McCord will hit the portal.

  22. Ha! Athens. I love it. An island popping out of the sea.

  23. I'd be interested to see how many would recognize (or could name) the anchors who preceded Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw in the 70s. One of them is in the picture, but 3 or 4 of them are not.

  24. Luke took it with him to Wisconsin. It took nearly all of the cargo space in the back of his Mini Cooper.

  25. The floor counteracts lost revenue from the cap, and the money is likely more evenly distributed. Negotiations are necessary to make everyone happy, of course.

  26. Anything that reduces the total pool of money available for MLB salaries is sure to be opposed by the players union. It's hard to imagine a scenario where a cap wouldn't do that, unless the large markets agreed to share a sizable portion of their revenue with small markets.

  27. Propose to rebrand the city with a title sponsorship by Kia.

  28. Because he hasn't been on a new season of BD in several years?

  29. We liked it, too. Goes well with the Ciabatta buns.

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