Stadia Controller - How to Enable Bluetooth

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  1. So basically as close to spider man logo without getting sued?

  2. Own nothing and got every single cent back I am such a poor victim

  3. I’m also confused at how led is better when it seems it still uses nearly the same amount as electricity as I currently use 600 watt hps. And led seems 2-3x more expensive and the heat output is nearly same. What am I missing here thansk

  4. its a very noticeable difference in brightness, spread, heat and electricity consumption. This is old (Leds got better) but still accurate

  5. Their mistake was telling people there was not going to be wipe after beta

  6. You want the light pointing down towards the floor

  7. Sf series has Samsung LM301B diodes G series Bridgelux: while bar lights offer better spread the direct upgrade would be SE series (Samsung LM301B diodes again)

  8. So the best light they offer in the size I'm looking for would be the SE7000? Thank you. I will look into that.

  9. And in a month there will be the 4:20 sale best time of the year to buy

  10. I think those cables are just fine they do look flimsy but are real strong

  11. Something tells me these guys are not actually connected to spiderfarmer usa

  12. Its a standard response someone makes a thread they assume its a customer with a problem and they try to resolve it.

  13. So much drama (your previous almost identical thread here already deleted) from someone who isn't a fan of Spider Farmer, thanks for stopping by don't let the door hit you on the way out

  14. Do they pay you to shill around here? Or are you just hoping to get picked for their next giveaway? 🤡

  15. Yes, exercising my right to "fight" to get a functioning product -as advertised- is indeed what u are witnessing.

  16. I do not know or care I would have bought the new cable in one tenth of the time you spent on this

  17. Its not nameless its made by their parent company

  18. You need PS plus just to play the game alone lol

  19. Yes once they reached the maximum height you can disconnect the light and use a additional light👍

  20. Looks like youre dialed in! Do you like this strain? Would you run it again?

  21. I haven't smoked it yet lol, that will be the decider for me!

  22. https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/grow-light-guide/mars-hydro-fc-e6500-par-test-review/

  23. Thanks man not sure if that’s the bridgelux version or not an do you think he’s running it on full power

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