1. I have this exact tile pattern but the center of the squares are pink. I think the 20s to 50s estimate is quite accurate - we have original tile in 3 of the 4 bathrooms, so we know the tile is reasonably old, and the bathroom with this tile is not in the site plans of our 1912 house so it was definitely added later than that.

  2. 10k should be enough for pretty nice appliances for the whole kitchen. Where are you getting your cabinets from? You ever check out RTA cabinets? They have solid deals. You can even get better deals if you have an kitchen outlet store in your area.

  3. We’re doing custom cabinetry so it fits to the wall. Oh I totally agree $10k SHOULD be enough in a regular scenario… but we’re doing a higher end 36 inch range. The refrigerator, we should be able to store in the garage until it’s time to plug back in.

  4. We are going under $50k on kitchen. Doing more of a “refresh” than a reno - no walls going down and not replacing all appliances. We’re spending $18k on cabinets and countertops, $2k on custom artisan island, about $10k on a nice range and minor appliance-like things (sink, etc.). Doing tile backsplash ourselves as that seems easy enough.

  5. My main advice that is not particularly helpful with the radiator, but just practical for what worked for me was to buy a portable heater and move it around to different rooms with me over the winter and just dress warmly. My first century home was pretty drafty and I had hefty heating bills too, so I just cut down usage where it was practical.

  6. The most expensive part, as another poster pointed out, will be repainting the house, but any home with wooden siding or similar historic features will have the same maintenance.

  7. Tax assessments are weird here (I live in Detroit). They can only increase by 5% or inflation annually, whichever is less. And taxable/assessed value is half the market value.

  8. Yes, tax assessed value can be meaningless depending on the city. Our home has a tax assessed value of under 100k even though the previous owners purchased for $160k and we purchased for over $300k.

  9. What a stunning find! It’s nice to enjoy while you’re demo-ing!

  10. Is the paint colors what I would have chosen? No! But have they given this house a new life and been improving it? Absolutely! So many choices like the added trim and new roof will benefit a future owner even with different taste and keep the house going for generations.

  11. Depends on the wood, too. There’s a lot of GREAT wood paneled rooms and a lot of cheap 70’s paneled rooms. I think there’s a major difference in how the room feels.

  12. Beautiful! Congrats. I hope you agree that the magnolias are part of the charm :).

  13. Absolutely, they are stunning! It gives a perfect Southern atmosphere

  14. My house (1912, who knows how old the bathroom is) has the exact same bathroom tile. One of my favorite features the previous owner did was to keep all the original tile in the bathrooms. It looks amazing and literally like what is “trendy” today.

  15. If you’re looking specifically for vintage furniture check out flea markets and estate sales.

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