Iran: defying the mullahs no turban is safe.

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  1. I loved this show growing up. This was my TV dad. 😅

  2. There’s lots of Alzheimer’s & Dementia in my family and I’m lucky to have have inherited 0 genes. I can only imagine the impact this + the documentary he’s working on has had on him.

  3. How do you know if you’ve inherited anything like this? I don’t know anyone on my fathers side and my father passed away when I was a toddler.

  4. I work in a genetic testing lab and I myself had genetic testing for markers for pancreatic, breast and skin cancer (I had skin cancer, mom had breast cancer and dad had pancreatic cancer). You should see a doctor who can refer you to a genetic counselor who can take your history and assess your risks to determine if genetic testing is warranted. Or you could go the 23andMe route. However, I do recommend seeing a genetic counselor because if anything is found you will need counseling to give you an understanding of what the results mean.

  5. I think the way they keep shoehorning Joe Rogan into the series as some credible source has completely ruined any shred of credibility for me.

  6. My wheels aren’t black but they may as well be from the amount of carbon they collect. 😅

  7. Although he has been in the stock market business for 34 years, Tuchman says he has never owned stock and if he had to worry about his own profit and loss, he would not be able to concentrate on his customers' well-being.

  8. I’m bullish on META long term, but very bearish short term.

  9. Yes! The strategy is called ‘The Strat’, it was creating by Rob Smith. I’ll send you some resources!

  10. Looks good, but there's more to making a shoe than making it foot-shaped. Those look uncomfortable af.

  11. No doubt. Laws and rules are only meant to keep the poors in line and under control.

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