Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

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  1. The major reason is that I don't want to be in Apple's ecosystem and be forced to be in if I use any of their device.

  2. I did use that command and check and I couldn't find it on that list at all

  3. I had to yet play the Wii version fully but Steam version is my favourite but that's only because of RE4 HD Project.

  4. Make getting laptop/PC with Linux pre-installed more accessible as most people. Yes, burning ISO to USB is a no brainer (or at least for us) but most people just thought of doing that scares them and they often want stuff to "just work" out of the box.

  5. The change is small but it's less vibrant and colourful compare to the original

  6. I just know that the OP has a stan account on Twitter lol

  7. Feeling positive which this month, should get few things that I order like a Mouse and couple of games but good to know you are alright!

  8. I had the opposite experience. Went to windows after a while in Linux and everything just worked. But that's probably because I've only really used arch distros

  9. That might be the case, I used Linux Mint just to transition to Linux more easier and few experiments later, I figure out what DE/WM I liked and ever since, it felt strange to go back to Windows

  10. have to agree. i have my machine in Pop!_os for about 6 months now and in just 15 minutes Windows got me saying "OMG THE FUCKING BLOAT"

  11. Every time I use Windows, I always get shock how slow some program would run which if I want to run a program on my Linux laptop, it just run faster. It's like smallest things like that..

  12. Lot Imposter as it is called has low have low res texture which hasn't aged very well. If that's brothers you too much, try

  13. Windows 10 for me. It was only a year ago that I was interested about Linux and watch YouTube videos about it which then it was testing distro on the VM that somewhat identical to Windows. Copule months since installing Mint and I had never regretted it

  14. Never understood why some areas of the Linux community are full of hate especially to new users who transition to Windows to Linux. Ironically at times, you feel more told rather than have much freedom which isn't that what Linux is about to have freedom to do whatever you want with it?

  15. Here's few suggestion, most of them had been said already

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