1. Is vanagard more reliable as a newbie? I got the rideword now and I’m still dying a lot at orc village haha

  2. Is it a +9 Rideword Hat? It's the best at +9 refine. Also you still in Orc Village? I'm there on my priest, if you wanted me to heal you for a bit.

  3. It’s +0 atm I’m considering a vanagard. Also I’ll be on later, my character is still at orc village

  4. I messaged them. they ve got like 9 pics in total and only one of the figure i wanted. they blocked me now out of nowhere, so, yeah. I must be extremely unlucky. thats the 3rd time this month someone doesn’t want to sell me a figure.

  5. Maybe you're annoying. I mean making 3 topics on reddit about it? I can only image what you're saying to piss these people off. I've never purchased off MFC, but I can't see it being difficult.

  6. These companies really do understand package handlers. They understand they can't handle sh-. It sucks for the box but it served its purpose

  7. No joke, had a resin come last month, it says fragile in big letters all over the box. I walk outside as UPS was here and the dude was about to throw it over my gate. I looked at him and was like "What are you doing, that's $700's you're about to drop on the ground." And he was like "oh, sorry".

  8. Expect slow shipping, it's coming on a boat. Resins have a higher chance of breaking. I have 4 so far, 1 has a minor break you can't see, and 1 has a bad break that you can. So super glue will be your friend.

  9. I’m 35 and I’m not embarrassed. If people want to judge me then fine, not like I care. I have other things to worry about.

  10. I have 4 eStream figures and I love them. People on this subreddit like to really make a big deal over it though. They have had QC issues for their first year. But from the newest figures they've released, I haven't had any issues. I have Ultimate Rimuru, and Neon City Ram, Rem, and Emilia and all 4 are amazing.

  11. Canceled her earlier this month because I figured she’d be expensive. Had to pick between her, CZ2128, FREEing Albedo, and FREEing Akamatsu Kaede. And she lost, I don’t play Arknights anyways, but I have AniGame Nian and Apex Ch’en preordered so I wanted a few more to go with them. Too bad cause she looks really good.

  12. Ugh, I might have to. I have Nian already, and have Ch’en preordered for October or something.

  13. Burning Wind is my favorite studio at the moment. I have 4 of their Naruto resins.

  14. How about maintaining you’re figures? I keep mine locked in a glass display. Any way to clean off dust or and other debris without messing up paint or do they stay relatively clean? As far as yearly maintenance.

  15. Cosmetic brush, it's what everyone on the sub uses and recommmends.

  16. You won’t be able to keep up later and will needing them. So you can turn them off, just expect to need to turn them on again.

  17. Just assembled mine too, i have a question for OP Is the itachi able to hold his sword well? In my case, it keep on slipping and dropping, had to go with kunai hand only :(

  18. I know this is an old comment from you, but I just got mine today and I can tell you how if you never figured it out. The Blue Tack that Itachi comes with is for the sword. It should be in the area where the coin stand was stored in the box.

  19. I play my DS Lite and GBA pretty often. I have a modded GBA with the GBA SP's AGS-101 screen. I wear glasses all the time anyways so seeing it isn't a problem. Also, I don't have an issue with the size, so it doesn't bother me.

  20. 4th gen: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and the OG Sony Playstation. CMV.

  21. All I did just now, is search with nothing in the bar. Then click available or w/e you're looking for. Then click Figures Catagories, under it on the left. Should say like 8700 results or something.

  22. I bought a in stock resin at the begin of Decemeber from them, within a week I was sent the tracking number. From what I understand the tracking isn't updated until it arrives in your country. So it'll say label printed until then.

  23. Now lets play FS AB. Some real challenge there. However, all the AoE spells should make it a lot easier though then single target at least.

  24. People think their lump of shit is worth gold. Just how people are.

  25. I don't know, never had that issue with HLJ which by the way is much cheaper.

  26. Don’t use AmiAmi then, shipping prices are even higher. When buying a scale figure. It will be more than 8,000 yen for EMS.

  27. It's actually even more complicated than he described it lol.

  28. Before buying the game, I read that some chests in the game have RNG tied to appearing. I went and installed a mod that chest 100% spawn. I guess it works for the invisible chest.

  29. I suppose so, because you have to do things frame perfect to get it. Once the chest spawns, there is a little boy running near it on the ship. You have to open the chest to moment he gets to the railing of the ship to get the Seintengrat. Something like that, I have 6 of them, but did it the hard way.

  30. If you have them in 1 box, you're probably looking at anywhere from 10,000 yen to 20,000 for EMS. And most likely at least 5,000 yen surface. Although this is based on my experience and I'm in California.

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