1. From this thread I am concluding that fly swatters are punishment tools for kids in disguise. Wow, WTF.

  2. Cause noone really know how it is exactly. Also no to illustrations to my knowledge. It's definitely the most mystical.

  3. One time I was getting a haircut. When the barber was done, he asked “hot towel?”. I never heard of that but I said Sure! He put a steamy towel over my head and then started giving my skull a massage. I….was….instantly…..aroused…. I almost yelled “That’s enough! Thank you” cause I caught a boner. I walked out of there confused for a minute. That caught me off guard. And no one I told IRL can relate.

  4. For me it's the little cuts of hair with the scissors. Shaving the back of your neck, etc. You close your eyes and anticipate the cut It doesn't arouse me but I love that tickly feeling.

  5. Maybe we’re just sensitive to touch, I dunno. Happened to me another time during a massage, at least I was laying on my stomach.

  6. Cleaning personnel that keep the filthiest places clean such as public toilets, festivals, etc.

  7. Committed to brands and chains. From Starbucks to products in the kitchen. My friends drop a lot of brand names and barely look for individual shops, products.

  8. I would heart this of there was such a button on here.

  9. The Act of Killing and Look of Silence by Joshua Oppenheimer (both documentaries are closely related)

  10. Plastic Surgery (excluding reconstruction repair injuries and congenital defects affecting appearance or function)

  11. As a father "IDLES - June" is about Joe Talbot losing his kid. It is enormously dark but beautiful. However, I have to skip the song on the album.

  12. Managed to get a friend a job he really likes after he was made redundant during Corona. EDIT: I should say he managed it himself through the interview, but I gave the manager a push to make an exception, even they had a hiring freeze.

  13. For education I had to move. Two shitty side jobs, cheap food, flat share made it possible.. and it improved my relationship with my parents instantly. It wasn't easy but would never want to miss that freedom. Granted it is more expensive for young people today, due to the crazy property market today, especially in cities.

  14. Haradrim are just faceless enemies and a missed opportunity to tell their motivation and story. Only the Mumakil give them an edge to be remembered. Readers have more insights into Orcs (Tower of Cirith Ungol).

  15. Given the euro-centric views Tolkien seems to have had, and the fact that all the North African and Middle Eastern analogs in his world served the dark lord, we might have dodged a bullet when he declined to expand on their culture.

  16. Agree with your hot take! Given that Sauron gave the 9 Nazgul rings to many of the Easterlings, there could be some interesting stories. Like Khamul, who was second to the Witch King. You could also show how the Easterlings were deceived by Sauron and are actually not "evil by nature".

  17. I used to work at a clothing retail store a few months back. We were told to approach each customer as they entered. If they told us they were just browsing, we’d go fold some clothes. Unfortunately the supervisor would then come to us and tell us that we have to go back and pester the person some more by offering them a multitude of different options based on the product they were looking at. Every now and then a customer would outright tell us to leave them alone and we’d get looks from said supervisor. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

  18. Not surprised why online sales has gone up and people take into account sending stuff back if it doesn't fit.

  19. I remember everytime at Christmas when they released a new part you could watch the previous film(s) before - and then when the extended versions released, cinemas should them as well. Most exciting movie marathons to enjoy with friends.

  20. Safe sex - not just birth control. STDs are a big risk. Some won't even have symptoms carrying it around. Test yourself and you partner if going into a longer relationship.

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