1. My husband and I got married two weeks ago and we didn't have an officiant! It was a small, backyard style wedding and the ceremony was super short, like 5-10 mins total My husband queued the music on his phone at various points and we took turns doing our vows. Our structure was:

  2. My husband surprised me as well, it was so fun! He looked like James Bond 😍

  3. I'm also a 10/22/22 bride! It will be super easy to remember our anniversary! lol. I hope everyone getting married this weekend has a fabulous time!!

  4. You are welcome. I understand being concerned; I don’t think you’re being a hypochondriac, you have a lot on your plate so anything that could derail things would cause concern for me too. Honestly, stress alone can cause a lot of issues (where I am at, it’s high allergen season so that can cause issues as well). Hang in there, you’re almost at the finish line.

  5. Thank you so much for your kindness and reassurance!

  6. Just wondering/checking in to see how you’re feeling and how the strep test went.

  7. Thank you! No strep thank goodness. I'm going to wear my mask religiously over the next 10 days to hopefully avoid any more scares!!!

  8. I'm 11 days out and also a basket case if it makes you feel any better.. today my fiance was a half hour late getting home and my brain decided it was because he was dead in a ditch somewhere. Teetered on the edge of full blown panic until he answered my phone call 😅 do what you feel needs doing and let the rest go! I think it's normal to feel this way when the wedding is so close!

  9. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. Congratulations!

  10. You have no idea how bad I needed to see these numbers. I seriously felt like I was going crazy because the algorithm force feeds me wedding and engagement content CONSTANTLY. It also doesn’t help that it feels like everyone and all my cousins have been getting engaged and married after being together less time than I’ve been with my partner. I love my partner so much— we’ve been together for almost 4 years now and whether we’re engaged or not doesn’t change how excited I am to be with them and how happy they make me; social media just really gets in my head about it!

  11. I thought my fiance would never propose and always was comparing myself to relationships that moved faster. Seeing these numbers and how much they vary and how many folks waited even longer than we did makes me feel like one of the gang!

  12. I just want to say that I never had tonsil stones in my life (that I was aware of, I'm 34), had covid in May with a miserable sore throat, and then started getting tonsil stones in mid July for the first time. I'm still finding them now. I think it's related. I have had postnasal drip my whole life and got strep a bunch as a kid and this never happened before. My diet and dental hygiene have not changed (in fact my dental hygiene is probably the best now it's ever been). Needless to say it's disturbing and horrible.

  13. 19 hours late- Hope you see this! As someone who’s opportunity on DISC profile is that everyone I meet is a potential friend- I can tell you what’s helped me. I always tell myself to do the right thing. When you find yourself in a dilemma, ask yourself “what is the RIGHT thing to do here?” Your gut knows the answer, so even if it’s difficult & you don’t want to do it- do the right thing.

  14. It honestly sounds like you've got the right mindset and approach. It's not your responsibility to manage your boss's feelings. He's probably a little intimidated by your assertiveness and knows he could stand to have some more of that himself but he's more concerned with being right and giving too many chances. I am a stickler for expectations and hold everyone to the same standards. I have no problem calling people out because 9 times out of 10, they knew they weren't making the right choices or doing what they were supposed to do. I've spent a lot of time building honest relationships with all my direct reports, and I always try to share the why behind things, I don't just spout directives and expect 100% compliance. I give them space to share their opinions and I try to incorporate their feedback where possible. When it comes to low performers, I document document document and stay on top of that to manage them out easily if need be (HR loves documentation.) Go with your gut and be true to yourself while prioritizing buying trust with your team.

  15. I really appreciate this perspective. I really wish I could find more mentors at work to bounce things off of because I can get stuck sometimes between my boss's perspective and my own. I want to be open to feedback and push myself to get out of my comfort zone but sometimes I feel like my comfort zone is actually just my gut saying, "no, this is a boundary for a good reason." It's hard to tease it apart sometimes!

  16. Yes! I’m on antibiotics for a huge stone that ENT couldn’t remove. They are so gross. I usually can push them out with my finger. This one I could not. The crypts in my tonsils are big and deep. Or sucks!

  17. Ugh I'm so so sorry. This is literally so awful. Last night I dreamed about prying enormous tonsil stones out of my throat. I don't even think mine are that bad in the grand scheme of things but I've never had them before and I find them so disturbing and disgusting 😫 I just want them to go away

  18. I literally just found and removed my first obvious tonsil stone on Thursday and now I cannot stop obsessing about it and grossing myself out thinking about it. I wish I had never known I had them. I realized today that I have more back there and I have no idea for how long. I had covid back in May with a horrible sore throat, wondering if that was a trigger? Or maybe I always had them and didn't know. Ugh. I'm really on the struggle bus about it, can't stop poking at my throat under a flashlight, waiting for a water pick to come in the mail. 😫

  19. I'm so sorry that you are going through such a terrible time. What you're experiencing sounds really scary! It sounds like you don't have much support at home. Are there any adults in your life that you do trust that you could talk to? It's really great that you're taking a first step by reaching out to your reddit community!

  20. I really encourage to reach out to them to let them know you are struggling. Maybe they can help you get some support at school or in the community?

  21. I'm having the same problem, suddenly started yesterday... If you find a fix please let me know!

  22. We watch it on Amazon prime and it's still doing it now... Anyone else fix it on Amazon? :(

  23. No, you should consolidate your undergrad and grad loans so they both get the same count. As long as you consolidate before 10/31/22 you will keep your previous counts under the waiver rules. Your counts will initially drop to 0 but will get reinstated.

  24. Can confirm, this happened for me. I recently consolidated my undergrad and grad loans together, counts dropped to zero for a couple of months, and have recently updated with all the payments I had before plus the 32 that I was expecting to get from the waiver .

  25. For me at least, the rush was to not miss the boat on a one-time opportunity to get my grad loans to have the same count as my undergrad ones, despite finishing grad school almost a decade after college. It’s probably an unintended consequence, but it’s within the waiver rules so I consolidated and currently have the max count across all my loans. I’m still in ACS purgatory at the moment but once that clears, along with forbearance waivers kicking in, I’ll be forgiven. This is a literal life-changer for me.

  26. Agreed. In my case, it's the difference between being eligible this October or 3 years from now. I didn't want to risk how long it might take for everything to get sorted out and potentially have my undergrad loans forgiven before grad school ..

  27. OMG I just checked and my payments updated!!! My consolidation completed 3/16. I'm at 99 now! I haven't recertified since Jan 21 so in reality I have 115... Only 5 months to go!!!!

  28. Trying to sleep has been the worst part of all this. I just take a bunch of Advil before bed and hope for the best. Lots of pillows to prop up my head. Humidifier. I'm on day 3, feels like it has been forever.

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