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  1. Key west might've been because they didn't want to buy (presumably more expensive) fuel on an island. AMS>ATL makes sense to me since flying west can be unpredictable timewise due to the headwinds.

  2. Average price for a gallon of fuel in Marathon, $3.62

  3. Are you in California? If not, why in the hell are you sending them a penny if your sales were generated via FBA? Those are not your customers, those are Amazon's. You are not required to pay sales tax on a sale that Amazon made where the customer was not yours.

  4. Hey Euro, You were actually the first person I thought of when I got the first notice.

  5. the 10th post like this was kind of annoying, the 20th post was really dumb.

  6. Heya, I fully agree with what you are saying.

  7. Ignore these children. They have no idea how the real world works. Cancel Culture comes in waves, it will start to go away soon, most people are getting sick of it. Don't apologize to him. He's doing this for karma and riding the spookluke post from yesterday which is actually super shady.

  8. I'd love to explain how life works to a random redditor, but I'm sure as a 35 year old door dasher, you already have it figured out.

  9. I've never had this issue up until this weekend. Friday morning I also couldn't login for about 3 hours.

  10. Or just plan to travel light and carry-on. That's definitely the way to go at the moment.

  11. Many of us travel for more than a weekend, and many of us get 3 free bags per passenger.

  12. 1100 credits to advertise a shoe company that uses sweatshop labor.

  13. so edgy. Since KOKS means cocaine in german, shouldn't this be Biden's drink of choice, when his son is on the campaign trail with him?

  14. Being a jerk, or just saying what everyone else is actually thinking? Good for this guy. If you see something like this, you go to management, you don't go online and post a review.

  15. The point of a review is to share your experience with others so people can decide if they want to spend their time and money there or not. If your business is getting negative reviews then you should fix the problem, not tell people to never come back.

  16. Naw. That is stupid. If management hires someone today and that person makes a small mistake and then quits tomorrow, it shouldn't mess up that business forever.

  17. Obviously pros aren't going to spend as much time on this sub as others, but I don't understand how so many find the one dumb (or in this case, simply uninformed) statement and act like it was the entire thread. It almost never is. These types of statements alone probably are enough to make reddit the most stressful part of rocket league for some (justifiably so), but I don't think it's fair to say that the whole community is doing it to ourselves.

  18. Wondering if other teams will pull out. Certain key details haven’t been announced yet for this event, yet it’s scheduled to occur in 4 days. Also, I wouldn’t be shocked to see more teams pull out under the same ideologies.

  19. I'm guessing not. This isn't about a country's rules, it's about the religion that has control over the whole region. Unless the religion makes a change, these countries are not going to be influenced by an e-sports team pulling out.

  20. It’s absolutely about the rules of their country. They’ve been influenced by fundamentalist Islam the exact same way America is sliding into fundamentalist Christianity at an alarming pace.

  21. The US was founded on Christianity and it has dropped off like crazy. Just over half of the US now considers themselves Christian. That is why we have all sorts of laws that go against Christianity.

  22. Let this me a lesson to all, if you have something on amazon that has been selling well for a year or longer, do not mess with anything in the title or description.

  23. You can't figure out what stock out is after reading OP's post and this comment?

  24. You guys are so ridiculously soft. Watch any "real" sports in person and you will see banter between players that is way worse than this. NBA, MLB, NFL, Women's Volleyball, Tennis.

  25. Here is the complete story, from 7 years ago.

  26. Why the hell would anyone pay an influencer to move their business to amazon to buy your product, where the consumer would be inundated with your competitors products which may or may not have better reviews or content.

  27. Ever see when a forest fire whips through populated towns and there is always one person who has a backup generator with a well pump that leaves on their sprinklers and their yard looks green as can be and it might be the only house that survives in a neighborhood?

  28. We all have. Hell, even RBG was not a fan of Roe, and said it should have been ruled as unconstitutional, and each state should have their own laws that could be appealed one at a time.

  29. I would rather squat naked over a flaming hibachi than be in business with numerous partners. It almost always yields a failed business, broken friendships, or family disputes. People will never put forth the same effort, and even if the efforts are close, some people will think they are doing more than the others and as resentment grows, the business will suffer.

  30. Thank you for your service. I’m in my late 30s & have ridden Delta most of my life since I was 5 yo (CVG, DCA, SFO, BWI and MSY have all been my home airports). I have serious business travelers in my family and folks who have worked at Delta. I have tried United and Southwest, Y’all are the best!

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