1. Who knows, I don't know Apple products well. I assume it's just normal tech issues, but it happens so frequently that it's a funny running joke.

  2. "You're wrestling that thing like a fucking live otter!"

  3. There's no reason for it to be decommissioned after only 20 years. In Picard we see other Sovereign-classes active. Hell, some classes remained in service for almost a century.

  4. To quote Indiana Jones, "It's not the years, honey. It's the mileage." Simply put, we have no idea what the E was put through because we haven't seen the majority of its life from the time it launched (2372) until the start of PIC season three (2403). We know it was heavily damaged in the fight against Shinzon (2379). We know it was heavily damaged and adrift after its battle

  5. What I find funny is that in the real world, the E-E had been our current Enterprise from 1996 until now, making it the longest running ship in the real world show's history even though we only saw it so few times on the screen

  6. In-universe, Picard had command of the E a year or two longer than he was in command of the D. That's a lot of adventures and time with most of the TNG crew that we'll never see.

  7. I really wish they would cut in more of the cbm clips and actually include the audio, not just the vid. Oh! This was a great banter!! With the clip silent... I want to hear it all! (Yeah, I should really just figure out how to rewatch the series. lol.) Will it make the ep 2 hours? Prolly. Will I absolutely LOVE it? Hell Yes!

  8. Here's one way to watch CBM online for free.

  9. "Eggs are complicated. They should cost like a hundred dollars each."

  10. Someone was whinging on Twitter about Picard being an android and Terry Matalas responded, "We just write him as the same man he was and address it in an interesting way this season." Now, with the talk of "Conspiracy" parasites, I can imagine one of those things crawling into his mouth and then crawling back out again because he's not really human. That'd be an appropriate way of addressing it.

  11. I don't know if you're a Star Trek fan, but for a possible variation of that story, check out Voyager's "Blink of an Eye."

  12. It's episode 20. My relisten got there just a couple of weeks ago.

  13. Walt would say he won't get excited because they've stopped making movies that appeal to him (which is true) but he liked The Batman so he's looking forward to the sequel to that. Q will say these are the greatest things ever because he is also being paid by Warner.

  14. I figured Walt would be intrigued by Creature Commandos at least, because it's pseudo-Universal Monsters. (Bry can get excited by the prospect of suing DC for stealing War of the Undead, but Walt would have to tell him that CC came first.)

  15. Huh interesting, I wonder why they where being all secret about a name that does not seem to be special or heard before in Star Trek

  16. No clue. Any chance they were talking about the younger guy instead? (The one who many are speculating is the son of Picard and Crusher.)

  17. I don’t think so, because it was the actor who plays the titan captain chatting with terry Matalis and the show host

  18. Is it just me, or does anyone else associate the current Starfleet logo with dark futures?

  19. I have, largely because it was based on that alt-future combadge, but PRO shows Starfleet actively using that combadge in the mid-2380s.

  20. Constitution III? Wonder what the Constitution II is...?

  21. I've not seen an official word, but some have speculated it would be the movie-era refit version.

  22. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for the super-duper extended cuts of LotR Peter Jackson talked about twenty years ago.

  23. PJ spoke years ago about more footage that could have been in the extended editions or even just in the extras that wasn't included before (one thing that sticks out in my mind is Aragorn's first meeting of Arwen). I believe some of that footage was seen only in the Cannes presentation from 2001, but that is only available if you buy the 31-disc 4K version of the films. Still, there's supposedly far more out there.

  24. Just to clarify for those not in the know, the 1954 original ... not the Americanized version from 1955 with Raymond Burr; the original Japanese version. It's a great piece of film.

  25. The Raymond Burr version isn't bad. I only had that one when I was a kid and have always found it enjoyable. Also, I'll always remember my grandmother walking in while we were watching Godzilla 1985 and shouting "That's Raymond Burr!" which was very funny to me at the time.

  26. No, it's not bad; not as bad as other "foreign-to-US" film edits have been. Unfortunately, though, that version edits out a portion of the atomic bomb allegory and discussion present in the Japanese version, plus there are translation errors in the dubbed dialogue. If someone has the choice today, I will always recommend the original.

  27. Feels a bit too David Marcusy to me right now, but I'm sure I'll get over it.

  28. God i hope he doesn’t die. That for sure would be to David Marcusy

  29. "I've never trusted Amanda Plummer and I never will. I could never forgive her for the death of my boy."

  30. "This is Hormel" is an instant pick-me-up. Same with a good number of the live shows, including Samurai Cop, Birdemic, Miami Connection, MST3K Reunion and any of the shorts live compilations.

  31. Her very first Hollywood role was in the ENT episode "Oasis." And she filmed her scenes for PIC post-diagnosis.

  32. A new Raising Cane's opened near me just this week and the traffic had police at their entrances with the drive-thru lines spilling out into the adjacent mall parking lot. Hearing that twist made me do an actual double take.

  33. I'm a fan of both series and I've watched the original for many years. Yes, I've even watched Galactica 1980 more than once. Voluntarily.

  34. You seem more in the know about this than I am, but wasn't there also a "movie" that included large parts of "Fire In Space", the episode? I can't remember if that was Mission: Galactica or another one.

  35. You're right; that was Mission Galactica. It also included parts of the Pegasus episodes, "The Living Legend."

  36. Hawkeye should just retired and have a nice life. Not everyone has to die

  37. Depending on the timelines of both his recovery and the films' productions, I figure his next (and possibly final) appearance will just be him FaceTiming Hailee Steinfeld from retirement to give her a pep talk.

  38. Just because I notice them doesn't mean I click on them....

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