Trudeau's changes will ban millions of hunting rifles and shotguns

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  1. Gun Bans, deciding who the media is, divisive rhetoric... Why are people so calm right now?

  2. Most people don't care about their OS until you frame it correctly for them.

  3. New Zealand Jew here! It's pretty safe for Jews here, but there's a very small community, especially if you live outside of Auckland. There's one kosher butchery in my whole city and almost nothing in supermarkets is certified kosher.

  4. As a Jew...who visits NZ often I have actually ran into one Chabad Rabbi but that's been it.

  5. I'm waiting for all the Jewish Trump supporters on this sub to come defend him.

  6. If you are 25K you are at the absolute bottom of the list

  7. Now is a good time to find some inexpensive Hamptons and book a few nights if it is that important to you.

  8. Interesting. I came from smartthings and have rebuilt basically everything I did in webcore with rule machine and generally am in wild agreement that webcore is soooo much better except one critical area: local execution and latency. Doesn't webcore require all cloud processing for rules to operate and don't they take (comparatively) forever to run?

  9. It is funny, I was going to do the same, drop ST for Hubitat because I had to have webcore.

  10. Shiny members entitlement is as funny to me as it is infuriating. I don’t want to go into detail but my life used to be a lot more interesting and meeting actually important people has left me unimpressed with people wanting to be treated like royalty because they spent a lot of their company’s money at a hotel chain. Go find somewhere else to cosplay as a petty tyrant. I have no patience for it.

  11. As a top tier Shiny member (both air and hhotel) the entitlement that I have seen with people is baffling.

  12. To advertise frigging constantly. Comments during shows always somehow make it back to the point that everyone should be a paying listener. I’m reminded of the Ben Shapiro cringe segway into whatever he is advertising, at least he is kinda funny. Shilling yourself is just that, shilling yourself.

  13. use google flights to find something with a united P fare and do a bit of NA hopping

  14. Lol who writes novels about a crappy made for tv movie like it's the second coming

  15. Idk. People wax poetic about the star wars prequels all the times, talking about Shakespearean dialogue and other things I don't personally feel for them.

  16. I love adult level conversations which include fuck your burn out

  17. How is it nonsense? Gay pride parades have banned Jewish stars because they are offensive to Muslims, Muslim countries hang gay people by cranes.

  18. but the flavor of antisemitism changes depending on what leaning of politics you’re on.

  19. True....for me it comes down to the super battery life,5G, NPU doesnt offset the high premium being paid for a device, that has compatibility issues with common software and performance below even last years intel models. Drop the price $300 and I'm all in. Hoping they do this for black friday.

  20. There's organizations still running CentOS 6 and CentOS 8. This won't be any different :)

  21. The same could be achieved with a TP-Link ER605, basic TP-Link Omada switch, and a WiFi 6 Omada access point. Total cost would be much less than two of those units.

  22. Well...this is wiif6e and last time I put in an Omada I was extremely disappointed

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