1. I’ve had updates pushed while the car is “sleeping”, so no.

  2. Preconditioning is tied to location. I had it precondition the car every day I was at work.

  3. how was it inevitable LOL...ive not had a single strike. It warns you 3 times before it disengages.

  4. I’ve had it where it kept saying “pay attention to the road” and it wouldn’t stop with me applying pressure to the wheel to the point where it disengaged and gave me a strike.

  5. Can you elaborate on this? I'm trying to get a sense if there is a bug out there, just curious. I've not had any strikes in over a year of using Beta.

  6. No hat/sunglasses. 2022 MY. I did look at the screen but I couldn’t disengage the warning after looking dead ahead and wiggling the wheel. No weight I’ve always just been able to have upward resistance on the wheel from my hand under the wheel.

  7. I think you need FSD, I would like to know as well but I think you need FSD

  8. I have the FSD and beta and haven’t seen something like this. This might be if you have Tesla insurance.

  9. Apparently this is a known error with the current firmware.

  10. I just want an open AppStore so developers can freely submit their apps. That would solve the I want x app. Who knows if devs would want their product on Tesla at this point though.

  11. I have a 14 pro max that will sometimes charge in the right slot if it’s upside down. I am using the thinnest Apple case. I did see a post on here where someone modded their car with a MagSafe wireless charger.

  12. That’s the falcon 9 attitude mod. It keeps your rear end on course.

  13. I got mine last night as well. I subscribed 2 weeks ago for the first time.

  14. No main breaker, this is a sub-panel. Neutrals and grounds must be separated. Service grounding should be done at the main breaker/disconnect, not at this panel. Please, this is

  15. This is not always true. My main panel doesn’t have a main breaker. House was built in the 60s.

  16. Do you have a disconnect at the meter?

  17. No, meter is in a tamper locked box. No disconnect. It’s high on my list of things I need to have fixed/upgraded.

  18. My car has been going off line but it was actually the LTE going offline.

  19. Definitely not how it's working for me. I'm still getting push notifications (that I now can't respond to on beta) with all devices on iOS 16+.

  20. Can you see their devices and usage in the screen time section?

  21. Hmmm the only thing else I can think of would be to disable then reenable screen time on their devices to see if that fixes it.

  22. I recently installed a similar gate opener (mighty mule). Mine came with a low voltage transformer that I plug into a 120 volt outlet. From the transformer run low voltage wire to the panel for the gate. If you have already seen the magic smoke on that panel, there is a good chance it is fried if it’s not fused.

  23. I’m more concerned that you keep your car at 77. Are you a lizard, harry?

  24. I just smoke in the rain?? It’s not like you have to stand out there for the duration.

  25. Shut off the breakers inside the sub panel until you find the one that kills the backfeed.

  26. Also to be clear, I should be looking for a box that has two hot wires in it? Those being connected would cause the back-feeding, right?

  27. Well they’ll all be hit since their connected. So you have to isolate them all and continuity check each cable to see what goes where, without missing something in between.

  28. Thank you! It’s an older house with multiple generations of “improvements” this should be fun. Lol

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