1. I'm with you on this! Hope it won't be ruined post launch

  2. Option to turn off cosmetics on client side should be enough

  3. seriously. it's the russian government that's problematic, not russian people, like chinese government and chinese people. some russian people are toxic, yes, but that's the same with rest of the entire world.

  4. Hi, first I would have to let u know that u should probably stop touching that, if u bend the delicate fibers it will severely effect ur internet. Just leave it alone and away.

  5. Please wear your apple watch band the right way

  6. It’s Xiaomi Mi Band and the strap is torn. Brother is yet to buy a new one.

  7. Since when? Last time I looked into it, it was 30 fps. Good thing they actually updated it

  8. Couple of months ago they enabled 60fps, although they say they are still looking to do a proper next gen update with updated graphics and resolution etc.

  9. Oh, nice! I'm looking forward to playing it then.

  10. He was referring to one of the Kitchen Nightmares episodes where the microwave was so much used in a restaurant that it had its own name.

  11. It’s actually a term used in kitchens. I was introduced to chef mike my first day in the restaurant business 30 years ago and heard it called that in every kitchen I worked in since.

  12. This one came out during my first trip to Iceland, and I remember listening to it on our way to Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the moment we're driving around the corner and see it the trumpets in Steal Something come in, it was such a majestic moment. Still get goosebumps listening to it and remembering the moment.

  13. I don't crash but have been unable to finish a single multiplayer mission without the host dropping everyone half way through.

  14. What the heck, I would be so mad if I spent money on it

  15. Since the earth started it's rotation around the sun.

  16. Doesn't he stop calling once he gifts you his car?

  17. Haha i was genuinely asking abouts its fur color

  18. If invite only sessions isn’t good for you, the only option I see is turning off aim assist, lobbies are formed based on this option and since there’s far less people playing without aim assist you’ll likely get in relatively empty lobby

  19. What the actual fuck, is this really a thing? I don't doubt you but I have never heard of this.

  20. Yes, it even asks you if you’re sure you want to connect to your friend playing in free aim lobby

  21. Looks like a dracaena variety. Maybe dracaena Lisa?

  22. Thank you for your reply! I just tried plant recognition website and it looks like it worked, it says it is Pandan

  23. I have done this too but around two years ago, tried to do this a few days ago and haven’t got a single star lmao

  24. I don’t think it is. You can watch it frame by frame and analyze for yourself

  25. That’s good news, she’s a phenomenal composer

  26. Lmao it does sound like squidward. The voice line was added and it is not present in original footage. Russian narcs, alcoholics, thugs and basically main consumers of Adidas products tend to sound like that. People will intentionally copy this exact accent when trying to mimic a narc.

  27. I'm wondering if that is the Ukranian version of that annoying tic-tok robot voice that people insist on using.

  28. Ukrainian here, no its not. The voice line was added, most likely cut out from another video and its actually in Russian.

  29. Next thing you know it rips half of your scalp

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