Kanye West has lost his mind

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YSK, if you (or your kids) ever have a health class in high school and some group comes to give an anti-drug speech that is named Narconon, realize that it's all bullshit and a scam run to introduce kids to Scientology at a young age.

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What job contributes nothing to society?

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AITA for leaving after being told to be quiet at dinner?

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  1. NTA. It sounds like communicarion didn't work and yet he's the one complaining about his feelings like yours aren't valid. As far as I can see, you have your priorities right and he's out of line asking you to put his needs above yours, especially when it's something as simple as cooking. There's no such thing as an able bodied person who can't cook. There's just varying degrees of skill.

  2. All us internet moms over here nodding and nudging each other and giving OP thumbs up.

  3. Internet dad here doing the same. I don't know OP but I'm so fucking proud of their response

  4. As someone that lives here I can’t be that upset with the sign. Downtown business get vandalized every week. I’ve been assaulted randomly several times over the last year by people with obvious need of mental health support. Lived here my whole life but it’s gone off the rails the last couple years unfortunately.

  5. Reading all these accounts of this kind of stuff makes me think the place is living in a post-apocalyptic setting

  6. Ha, Lions got covered in those streamers.

  7. Yep, my daughter came out of the dressing sheds looking like a maccas French fry monster from the OG happy meal days. I almost threw her in the bin along with the streamers

  8. Yes but the capacity at Springfield is only 8000, of which only just over 7500 ticket holders actually came through the gates

  9. That last quarter had some of the most horrible umpiring I’ve ever seen. They need to be held accountable. People want to switch the game off when the umps make a mockery of it.

  10. I was at the oval and the atmosphere was pretty good, especially considering that there were only 7500 people in the house. There was everything: chanting, cheering, screaming at the umpires and players.

  11. Well played, Melbourne. It looked like the Lions girls went home at quarter time. Outplayed and outcoached. Four Grand Final appearances for one win is a pretty pathetic record.

  12. From the ground you could see there was a drastic change in off the ball effort from Brisbane. Melbourne were able to consistently have an extra player around the ball, sometimes more, and forced a lot of skill errors that led to turn overs. Brisbane's effort on the ball was what kept them in the game.

  13. That was honestly the best twist ending to a documentary that I thought was pro-flat earth through its entirety

  14. I’m growing increasingly convinced that most Flat Earthers, at least the ones screaming the loudest on screen, are actually just trolls that are absolutely 100% committed to their troll. So much so that they can’t turn back.

  15. I think it's loneliness that drives people to be this fanatical. For whatever reason, other communities like religions, sports teams etc aren't a good fit for them and they end up in these groups that are more than happy to accept more voices into their echo chamber.

  16. Disagree. Nothing like the humiliation of a cop escorting you off a plane to learn that rules really are a thing. Loss of time, money and public humiliation are VERY powerful teachers. And now OP can reference this whenever she forgets her social decorum. Acting up in a restaurant? "Jeez, I hope they don't escort you out of here like they did off that plane"

  17. When I was in school (Australia) our parents were asked to sign permission slips for us to even participate in a religious education class. My dad hated religious people so he called the principal and asked if they were covering all religions during these classes and of course they were only teaching about Christianity. So my dad sent me back with the unsigned form with a message on it saying "schools are there to teach not to preach"

  18. Unsure about Springfield, but typically you'll all be given tickets in the same bay so it's easy to locate everyone.

  19. Someone goes down in the warm up. Cut to the Auskick rooms. They ask who can fill in. She raises her hand. The game is a 4 quarter war of attrition. She gets the wave to come off the bench. Quick kick into the forward pocket… who’s this? Siren goes. She’s done it!

  20. What a dream that would be! Tbh my girl is just as likely to do cartwheels away from the ball as she is to pick it up and kick it

  21. How does the power boost work? Do you just purchase it online and then the car unlocks the boost via the internet? Or do they give you a license key to enter into the infotainment system? I'm not sure I like the idea of my car's engine management being remotely accessible. If someone on the other side of the world can make it go faster than they can also make it stop

  22. The post office should charge them 1st class postage rates. That would end that.

  23. In Australia, our national postal service actually offers to deliver the junk mail for a fee. You have to contact them directly if you don't want to receive it.

  24. Yeah forsure. But if you have a little extra cash and want better quality purees I think the higher end ones do a little better if a job. Besides should be something that lasts years on end.

  25. I honestly would consider $80 to be "higher end" for a domestic blender lol. Especially since we hardly use the one we have.

  26. Australian here. A Food Bin is usually what we call the containers inside the front of the supermarkets that you put non-perishable foods in for donations

  27. Canadian here and I'd call the donation bin a Food Bin too. We tend to call the small indoor food waste bin an Organic Bin and the large outside one is a Green Bin. At least everyone I know does.

  28. My FIL told me about a visit he made to South Africa during the 80's when he was in the German Merchant Navy. He and his friends had a tour guide who refused to take them to a certain part of town but there was another guy in the company who volunteered for a higher fee.

  29. This seems more like a police report situation rather than a reddit report one. They also have emergency buttons on the trains for help if you need to use it too. They're not just for medical and mechanical emergencies. You'll be put in direct contact with the driver or a guard to arrange an appropriate response.

  30. Don't all jobs contribute to society though? Even shit jobs pay wages and those wages are used to buy things so your shit job contributes to other people's ability to get jobs or operate businesses etc and most of them pay taxes from their earnings etc.

  31. I got a call the other day and decided to talk to the guy a little bit. In the middle of his speil I interrupt him and I'm like, "C'mon man. Stop what you're doing. I know who you are and what you're all about." He immediately gets super pissed off and says, "If you know who I am then why the hell did you take my call?!?" and hangs up. Imagine that. Being the type of person to call someone with the sole intention of stealing from them and then getting mad at them for inconvenienceing you. Yeah, they can all take a long walk off a short pier. Fuck em.

  32. They often work on commission so when you waste their time you directly effect their earnings.

  33. Aussie here. I don't have solar yet but 850,000 houses in my state do. My brother has solar and is on grid with a shitty battery but our energy market currently offers a feed in tariff so he's not just saving on electricity charges but he's also earning money while his house is feeding the grid when there's no one home using any appliances.

  34. This is super controlling, weird behavior. Do they shush everyone who eats with them or do expect Op to follow this controlling behavior? They fact they tried to send her to the kitchen to eat is absolutely bizarre.

  35. I’ve always wanted to see a comparison between a forensic reconstruction and the actual photo, where the guy who did the reconstruction never saw the photo. How good are these guys?

  36. I attended a lecture by Forensic Anthropologist, Dr Susan Hayes who has work both on law enforcement and archaeological matters. Her most famous cases were the

  37. Why wouldn't you buy sterilized needles instead? They're not that expensive. Charring a needle could leave soot on it which could get embedded in your skin and leave a permanent dark spot on your face.

  38. So you start off with a sterilised needle and the idea of the charring is that when you push it through your skin the char will be wiped back by your skin so when you pull out the needle the end is clean and you just measure the clean section.

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