1. It’s great but can u put positions by each player for people not as knowledgeable

  2. Why they might have waited for mom For what his wishes were Hope im wrong

  3. I think unfortunately the longer we dont here anything the worse it probably is Hope im wrong

  4. Ya this is the first time sports betting has literally felt rigged to me. I know lots of people were on Hertls over. I'm not sure what we can do. Im praying for one of those overnight stat corrections but I know that's not going to happen

  5. This sucks but i remember last year huberdeau would end up with phantom shots at the end of the game Do they not have a way to slow it down to make sure I had hertl yesterday fucking sucks

  6. I look at a lot of porn and let’s just say u are built for sex Definitely one of my favs U seem cool too

  7. No this team can’t attract free agents got to keep our model of drafting and developing

  8. Same downvotes are probably the ones from people when I said we need to move on from Maurice Going all in never works especially when u can’t attract free agents

  9. I talk to a lot of people about the jets around the city and most don’t have a clue about hockey This sub is no different Look at my time line I know what I’m talking about but that’s okay Go jets go

  10. Going with Carter Verhaege o2.5 SOG (-140), David Perron o2.5 SOG (-130), Jason Robertson o3.5 SOG (-150), Brady Tkachuk o3.5 SOG (-160), OTT @ DAL u6.5 (-115), NAS @ TBL u6 (+100)

  11. Sid is the best he’s absolutely correct on all points CBC acting like The American media the way they go after black quarterbacks

  12. I’m a packers fan but I love your coach and team Henry is so fun to watch on and off the field Good luck down the stretch

  13. Erik Karlsson (Sharks) O2.5 SOG Joel Erikkson Ek (Wild) 02.5 SOG Matt Boldy (Wild) 02.5 SOG Mats Zuccarello (Wild) 02.5 SOG Aleksander Barkov (panthers) O3.5 SOG

  14. That’s also a good line at 2.5 he has 23 in last 5 so we’ll over season average of 2.9. Pretty good bet based on his current form guess he just had a slow start

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