1. Too much dead weight. Wanna go ultralight? Well then, read on my friend!

  2. That’s a really cool compressed sleeping bag, may I ask what it is?

  3. It's a MOD issued sleeping bag. My dad got it when he was in the RAF

  4. What the thief sees waiting at the top of the stairs

  5. You'll get older and wiser. We all do stupid shit when we're hurt.

  6. Hmm I guess depends though. Like if they want to go to a bar or something and need ID I'm fucked

  7. Everyone, generally, does their own thing on a run ashore.

  8. Thanks its really encouraging to hear it from someone else. I'm getting excited now

  9. Just temper your enthusiasm. I'm guessing you're not quite in yet? It'll be quite a while before you'll be joining a ship (minimum around 6 months, I think) and then runs-ashore are completely dependent on the Ship's programme.

  10. I'll expect the worst and see what happens from there

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