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  1. Never use laughing emoji on reddit until and unless u want ur karma in negative🗿

  2. bruh what about the hanuman chalisa hath braj jo gada viraje kanhe muh jane u sajh

  3. Ramayana happened around 8~10 thousand years ago where as Hanuman chalisa was written in the 16th century CE, fairly recent. so some part of it might not be as accurate.

  4. bhai yeh ramayan multi dimensional time event hai kya.. hamesha time kyu change hota rhta hai iska

  5. are nahi bhai, it's so old that there is just not enough documentation. so there are multiple variants of same things. hmare yha kal jhagda hota hai and Aaj uska kch aur hi ban jata hai and kal kch aur hi ban jayega, in short hota kch aur hai log bolte kch aur hi hai. yeto firbhi hazaro saal purani baat hai

  6. I'm sorry, are your reading comprehension skills lackluster, or did you not read my entire post?

  7. Zeus: Is that a female with a pulse that most likely won’t consent? I’m gonna get down tonight!

  8. naah, he was like is that a person with a pulse...

  9. there's also GitHub student Developer pack, and WAY lot of complimentary services with it, definitely should check out

  10. damn. men bad woman good. you guys are just misandrists

  11. As a skinny girl, this makes me feel bad :(

  12. i love skinny girls, damn sure there are ton others who does too

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