1. actually they didn't have smartphones either

  2. Makes me wonder what they read while sitting on the toilet.

  3. 30,000 this week. Instead of using for loops I started writing everything in book format. You just read each file one at a time from top to bottom, and left to right. The files are named in numbered page format, and kept down to about 65 lines per page as per my code styling guidelines. There’s some graphic designer at the company that just hits approve on all my PRs but I don’t think he really reads my work.

  4. I started adding comments to indicate the line numbers instead of relying on my ide to do that

  5. I don’t think humanity has mined enough metal to build enough missiles to come even remotely close to building a bridge by firing missiles into the ocean.

  6. What if the missiles would be able to float?

  7. There are a lot of countries Putin can still travel to. Just check this map. Green is ICC territory:

  8. This new wave of piracy is funny because people don't realize it's piracy to just google 'the last of us free watch online' and hit play on some random russian filehost. Often times it's easier to find random promoted piracy sites when just casually looking up a show or movie than it is to hunt down where it's at legally.

  9. Unfortunately, that AI is hard to code. All I want is at the very least the AI Germany produces more tanks and even spread them out across the front. All I see is 100 mils on guns *laugh crying face*

  10. Instead I would want them to expose the AI to modders. I'm sure we'd get something great then.

  11. There's already mods to make the AI better. I don't think it effects battle plans though.

  12. Yeah at least the expert AI mod explicitly says in the description that they can't do anything about troop movement. But that's the part that paradox would need to fix to enable them to.

  13. The show used flip phones. Typically, the antenna is on the bottom half. The top half is mostly just screen and speaker. A flip phone is often fully operational even without the top half.

  14. Yeah you may need to snap it in half along the long side.

  15. Wow thank you. Are you from the Netherlands? Curious what your thoughts are/observations are about the popularity of BIJ1, PvdA, SP, and the GroenLinks. Just based off your descriptions, I feel like I’d fall into one of those parties (probably more SP then Groen then PvdA if I had to rank. BIJ1 seems like I’d align with too). Also, it’s no surprise the right wing is rising in many countries around the world (obviously here in the US it’s pretty mainstream along with the Christian Nationalists), but do you see it rising there too? Does having a monarchy play any influence in everyday life or is it like the UK and they’re just sorta there?

  16. The monarchy doesn't play a significant role here either. Probably less than in the UK.

  17. CSV injection. After the comma you can put arbitrary excel commands.

  18. Interestingly, the second part isn't that impressive. The vast majority of European descent are descendants of Charlemagne. Not because he had that many children, though he did, but because his descendants had a better chance of surviving, as they became the royalty in pretty much every European nation.

  19. Plus the amount of decendants tends to increase exponentially. So this will be true for quite a lot of people that lived back then, even if they lived a let's say more modest lifestyle.

  20. Oh cool, I was very confused by the WW1 French tank with WW2 German cross on it at first

  21. In mountainous Norway too. The worst terrain for tanks. But that makes sense if it was used as a stationary cannon.

  22. He played guitar for Queen and has a doctorate. Who gives a fuck what a king thinks of him? It's 2023. Why is there even kings still?

  23. The problem with 'zachte morgen' is that it freely translates to 'enjoy your hard soft morning'.. I hate it when they say that because it's confusing and always reply back 'krijg de tyfus'

  24. The problem with 'krijg de tyfus' is that it freely translates to 'I hope you get a disease that is potentially lethal'.. I hate it when they say that because I don't want them to die just for being rude to me and always reply back by punching them in the face, hoping I break their nose

  25. There's a lesson in there about never adding anything to the codebase that doesn't need to be there.

  26. I am trying to contextualise it as well. 6000kg of force on a 1500kg car. But how fast is the tail moving? Is the car on top of its tail at rest?

  27. Also that would be above water. For the whale to do anything we need to also keep in mind that it has to do all of it underwater which limits the effectiveness severely.

  28. Not really a phantom border, there is no border involved.

  29. Most of this stuff is from the 70s and 80s that the US is just keeping in storage. They haven’t really sent over anything modern.

  30. Tbf I wouldn't put to much trust in any anti tampering systems. With enough time and effort you can bypass stuff like that.

  31. I would suspect he’s pretty good at staying on the ground floor wherever he is.

  32. If he's in Bakhmut sadly I reckon it's hard to find a place taller than ground floor these days.

  33. Lots of people in the US get a good chunk of time off every year. I get 30 business days to take off. The equivalent of six weeks. That is not including holidays. The main issue in America is the floor is much lower. If you don’t make a lot your going to have a much tougher time. You work for a decent to good company, your health insurance and health care costs will be low, you get time off, and they will pay for your education.

  34. I don't wanna partake in the discussion too much, but I'll share what it's like in Western Europe.

  35. For people wondering why the number of 26k is "wrong" and crossed out, that's the combined population of the BES islands (also known as the carribean Netherlands). That's only one part of the

  36. The fact that the legend jumps from $20-30 straight to $90-100 really says a lot.

  37. But x and y are for some global variables that I no longer remember why I made

  38. At that point you have bigger issues than the names of your iterators

  39. Those are palmetto bugs nothing to worry about unlike those nasty German cockroaches.

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