1. well theres no way to be certain but i personally believe in reincarnation

  2. im ugly and also just not genetically gifted (im very short and i fucking hate myself because of it)

  3. bro i SWEAR on GOOBER i used to know you like 4 years ago or something. you from texas? its ok if you dont wanna answer but just asking

  4. It's so wrong that people will just do this to animals. I hope he becomes someone's bitch in prison.

  5. Football. I don’t mean European football, American football.

  6. me, except im not peaking in high school so im very underrated

  7. The person you're replying to makes sense. You should always vent privately, your personal insecurities aren't something that you'd want to flaunt/expose to the public, it never ends well. You should always vent to someone whom you trust.

  8. my story was meant to be private, i just didnt know that one guy was like that

  9. because its 2022 and im a white boy yet i dont have a perm or listen to lil peepee or whoever tf people listen to nowadays, im just built different man. oh and i also happen to not care about having sex as soon as possible, i would rather just have a normal, healthy, stable relationship

  10. not enough people simp for ME (the loneliness hurts so much)

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