An open rant to a supermorbid obese patient

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  1. They have mandated ratios though no?

  2. Yes but hospitals in certain rural areas are allowed by the state to go out of ratio

  3. If you’re looking at a small town/tiny city, yeah you can afford to live comfortably, especially in the Central Valley from Bakersfield to Modesto, or even north of Sacramento in the boonies.

  4. I'm so glad I'm retired now. This is pure insanity. 1:4 in a NICU? What level are you?

  5. Lol frankfurt is an alpha city? Sounds like you've never been there. They got beta minused by the tiny town of Ulm (whose got the tallest church in the world now Frankfurt???) Or maybe you find endless warehouses and factories to be a charming element.

  6. I love your flair 😂😂😂 Do you simp for PIVs, PICCs, or ports more than another? 😆

  7. I’m a fan of all types of venous access, but nothing captures my interest like a good peripheral start!

  8. There’s a student nurse one and a Financial Independence Retire Early one that are public

  9. Yeah it’s a 1750 hours which is 146 twelve-hour shifts, within the past two years from when you apply to take the exam, where you are the primary nurse for critical patients (compared to not having the patient assignment if you’re being in orientation/precepted). It doesn’t blatantly state that you need two years experience however.

  10. I thought it includes you being on orientation because you're still the primary nurse

  11. You are correct, if you’re still on orientation but responsible for the patient assignment, then the hours count

  12. I use to think that all Gen Z nurses like myself, due to the global economic situation we grew up in, had some semblance of personal finance smarts. Big assumption, and a ridiculous one in retrospect. (Especially since few US public schools teach personal finance to teens!)

  13. Kind of an unfair truth that I’ve observed (that is in no way rational)…… Is that in my experience male nurse are given more respect than the female nurses. From patients to physicians alike. I’ve noticed many difficult patients who are absolutely rude to otherwise sweetheart female RNs, are totally different people to the male nurses. Not just my observation too btw. Call it sexism idk. I do feel for my frequently abused female counterparts, but I won’t lie that I do enjoy the benefits of less assholey patients.

  14. https://www.reddit.com/r/nursing/comments/y5urit/new_grad_ed_nurse/islww0a/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

  15. I’ve found journaling helps with the stress and anxiety. Give it a try once you’re into your career if you ever need stress-relief

  16. I had those symptoms for the second dose. A little chest discomfort on the third dose. Sore arm on the fourth, but really nothing with the bivalent. Fingers crossed I don’t get sick this winter 🤞

  17. I personally really enjoy the experience of working with incompetent staff and travel nurses, even though I may not exactly enjoy working with these “bad” nurses. It reinforces just how crucial proper nursing training and education is in this profession, and in all professions.

  18. lolololol no it’s not. We hang blood all the time in the ER. While I’ve rapidly infused it on critical/trauma patients - I’ve never started it at a high number like that. We start fast to begin with to get the “blood to the hub” bullshit so the first 15 min isn’t just saline. But yeah.. I’ve been to almost 20 ERs now and have never seen this 😂

  19. Yeah I’ve never seen that in the ED among staff or travelers as well. Not sure what the commentor is on about!

  20. Stable boring patient: I like the forearms, then hands, check out the cephalics up and down. Some patients really have nothing but AC, so AC it is. 20s are fine. I’ll try to keep in mind some location that will make the floor nurses happy if I can (I was a floor nurse before). If I have time I can put an easy extra 22 somewhere not at a joint

  21. I tweaked my back once and it’s not worth it. So the only thing for me with these patients is that they will sit there in their urine and BM until I have 4+ humans to turn them. I will not attempt it with any less. Short staffing is not on our side with this but I’m too young to put my back out and certainly not for a human I don’t know personally. Same goes for any total care elderly person. Do I feel bad about it if they have to wait a while? Sure. But my safety and health is #1

  22. If you've seen 50 deaths in two years, you must have been in one of the hardest hit COVID areas. Either that or an active war zone.

  23. With your build I do agree that it’s plausible your compression quality kneeling in bed over the patient is more efficacious than being on the stool. But the issue really is your safety. There could be sharps in the bed, random unknown secretions and fluids, you can’t rotate out as efficiently, and there’s tons of lines and wires to get tripped on and fall.

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