1. Meet Noodles and Taco Mama are right within walking distance

  2. Why is that a good thing? Why is minority rule better than majority rule?

  3. I’m surprised my aorta didn’t explode when I read that first sentence. It’s going to take me a minute to settle down.

  4. PA thought it was a gallbladder but turned out it was the aorta they removed

  5. The lack of Korean food, people, churches, groceries etc is actually the main reason I do not live in Nashville anymore. I would love to live there but compared to a city like Chicago (or Atlanta, where I live) I would not feel comfortable raising my biracial children there. Not because of racism but just because of the lack of connection to their identity. I have brought a couple of my Asian friends to Nashville and they were shocked by the whiteness of the city.

  6. This is really the only thread on this post that gets it. I mean, the number of people listing Otaku, Two Ten Jack and Black Dynasty cracks me up. All those places are delicious but they are decidedly not what someone whose criteria for moving to a city is their ethnic cuisine is referring to. They are gateway restaurants that hopefully will spark someone's interest and maybe expand people's palates. There are definitely the types of places OP is wanting, but these aren't it

  7. I figured that Red Fish, Blue Fish stuff would have set them off. Cant people Tucker Carlson wasn't whining about there being no white fish.

  8. Definitely wasn't a doctor but does have a med school named after him

  9. Costal Eastern Cape is gorgeous! I recommend a day safari at either Kariega or Amakhala while you're there. Or I believe you can do a self-drive through Addo Elephant Park. You can also take a trip out to see penguins from Port Elizabeth.

  10. Addo Elephant is quite underrated in SA travel discussions. It's not Kruger but it's very nice

  11. Lauren's all about not regulating ceiling fans until one falls down onto her GED-failing face

  12. One of my favorite memories of my childhood was school letting out early one day, & me getting home off the bus & realizing I didnt have the key to my house. I walked down to my great uncle's house & he told me all about his time in WWII until my mom came & picked me up. That was an awesome day for a kid like me who had always been interested in WWII history.

  13. Isn't it amazing how these old timers live on in our memories, long after they've left this earth... U just made me think about all my grandparents who are alive and well in my minds eye

  14. This is the south man, are you asking about Steak Salads or Taco Salads?

  15. Or the nutritional abomination that is a wedge salad

  16. Picture is kinda fuzzy but I'm pretty sure if he worked out for three months he'd look like her boyfriend. Only taller

  17. Image 6 & 7 are like ten minutes apart (basically)

  18. Mountaineers have avoided climbing the summit to avoid hurting religious sentiments that's all. I remember one climber got to 50-100m of summit but returned as its probably the holiest place for all Buddhists, Jains & Hindus. Can't remember his name but you can read it on the wiki for Mt. Kailash.

  19. Facetiousness aside, I'm seeing every mundane complaint in the ER, especially "work clearances". You trip at work and fall and you are fine, go to the ER anyway to get "checked out."

  20. I'm astonished how many of them want to get checked out even when they do have co-pays, high deductibles, etc

  21. Graduating resident. Plan on saving up while I work full time with good pay for my first 3-5 years. Then slowly dip into options 1 and 4 as I titrate for burn out.

  22. 4 is the better option. Urgent cares will work you like a dog for a lot less than you make at a rural sleepy ER. 20 years in and I occasionally pull a shift at a spot I used to moonlight at during residency

  23. I'm kinda split on this one. On one hand, I don't think it's necessarily wrong to raise rent to whatever the market rate is. It should be the government's job to make sure housing is affordable and sufficient. I also don't think it's neither Christian-like nor un-Christian-like. It just is what it is, but if you're in the position to help out and keep costs down, then I'm sure it would be appreciated. It's all circumstantial, in my opinion.

  24. Ur kind of missing the point here... It's not to debate whether it's good or not. It's to point out that Ramsey, along with his faux-Christian kind, like to wrap themselves in Christianity for its imprimatur but don't want to espouse the actual values of Christ. This would not be a noteworthy position of his, were it not solely for his branding himself with his "Christian values". Nobody would care if a random secular financial advice person said the same thing

  25. Worst thing about this video is these guys looked at each other the whole time and still thought it was a good idea. I mean, a solo dipshit has no one to bounce ideas off of and maybe thinks this was good. But three guys? Only thing they're making fun of is French comedy

  26. Man. I preach to every med student, resident and young attending to focus on becoming financially independent and the control it gives you over your professional life. But hearing someone with six months of residency left talk about side gigs and their exit from medicine makes me a little sad... Short of starting a company and several years from now hitting it big, nothing you do will be as financially lucrative on an hourly basis as practicing medicine. Considering that you are still learning now and will have just as steep a learning curve your first 2-3 years post-graduation, you really ought to be focusing on that. Your medical career is the goose that lays the Golden egg. One of the (still) nice things about emergency medicine is that you can work as much or as little as you want, or in busy vs tiny practice environments. Residency is not real life. Find what works for you and keeps your doctor wheel turning.

  27. Point taken. Not looking to leave already. Question was more gauged towards always having a plan/backup and always looking towards the future. Can never be too prepared. Of course I plan to maximize my time practicing as a physician. Question was more towards understanding how to get a seat at the table. It has long been an interest of mine to an extent and just curious about logistics. This is not to take away from my desire to practice medicine but more to expand my horizons and exploring interests that I otherwise would never get to explore during residency. Have you had experience doing med-mal or is this just your opinion?

  28. Had a front row experience with the med-Mal world when a plaintiff named every doc who walked through the department in a case. It is fascinating and I learned a ton (and got paid for it. Yup, lots of policies pay docs for trial and prep time) But truthfully, unless you go to law school and make it a full-time job, you won't make more than a tiny bit of hobby money doing it. Lawyers don't like to reuse witnesses bc of the inevitable questions that come up in depositions, ie how many cases have you testified in, how many times have you worked with xyz lawyer, etc. They might throw a case review your way here and there, but that doesn't pay the bills. You won't get anything resembling a steady gig out of it - just a bit of cash

  29. Defending yourself from the government or individuals shouldn't cost you 300k

  30. It is entirely believable that she was knowingly lying to her audience about the vaccine while benefitting from it herself.

  31. Yeah I'm astonished bc I thought all these people were just in it for the easy grift of dumb gullible people. Turns out they are just as dumb

  32. Honestly don’t know anything about him. It just seemed odd, in passing.

  33. How about informing yourself or not commenting when ur clearly ignorant to the discussion?

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