1. How are you liking the new formula and the applicator?

  2. In terms of the colors I think they should do a better job of making them more accurate, for example for cookie butter they should’ve done the brown but the lettering and lid that bis off red, same with like lavender why is the cap clear yellow? Just doesn’t make sense to me tbh

  3. The colour of the cap is clear yellow because it’s meant to represent honey. Since the lavender balm is inspired by honey and herbal lavender!

  4. I’m a Jo Malone addict. My fav scent of theirs is wood sage and sea salt which admittedly lasts like an hour or two max on me. But it’s literally the best smelling perfume I’ve ever tried, when I smell it I’m amazed every time at how incredible the blend of the notes is. To me, smelling it for that one or two hours is worth it. I know it’s insane for the price but hey to each their own right.

  5. Genius idea. I would buy this immediately even tho it would be the shitty new formula.

  6. They have nice sunscreens from LRP I’ve heard that are only sold in the UK. You may want to check out their sunscreen collection in general

  7. Ugh the lip gloss is my absolute favourite product of theirs. I hope they don’t ruin the formula.

  8. Just received this in the mail, located Ontario. I’m surprised the UPS driver was out considering it’s a snow storm outside.

  9. Did you get hit with customs? A friend of mine got hit w customs Alrhohhh it was a completely free item lol.

  10. So so pretty. Make a full version and I’ll play it at my wedding.

  11. Gosh this is so infuriating to see. I can’t believe selling products without preservatives is allowed.

  12. The spray on the mini is definitely not as good as the spray on the full size, I’ve had both and can verify this. However, the spray on the mini isn’t too bad and shouldn’t leave your face soaking wet. I think yours is defective

  13. I wonder if this would work well as a gym bag. Looks so so cute!

  14. Are these small enough to pop into a backpack ? I want to throw one into my uni backpack to carry around my essentials but I’m not sure if it’ll be too big

  15. I don’t want vegan lip balm. I want my favorite, go-to balm with beeswax and lanolin because it works. I will not buy this new stuff and I’m so glad this sub* (spelling) pointed it out before I wasted my money. Ugh.

  16. It almost feels like virtual signaling to me when non-vegans demand vegan/”clean” products. It’s just consumers who want to feel like they’re somehow helping the environment by consuming more products, which is extremely ironic. (This sentiment of course doesn’t apply to individuals with religious or dietary restrictions)

  17. I really like Kosas and Merit too. But the shelf life of their products is so short, they begin to go bad after a few months. Kosas concealers start to smell awful very quickly, and the tower28 cream blush I owned started separating horribly after only a few months. Their products are great, I agree, but a brand having their products go rotten after a few months because they don’t want to include preservatives is a horrible move that just leads to consumers repurchasing products more often which harms the environment even more.

  18. What lipstick are you wearing? Very beautiful

  19. It’s getting embarrassing how often I recommend this but:

  20. Hey the colour looks stunning. Is it as opaque and full pigment as the swatches on the model show? It’s marketed as a tinted balm but the models look like they have on full lipstick. I’m really interested in it but I’m not sure I want something that intense.

  21. oooh what shade? i have a more olive skin tone (think shade from laura mercier)

  22. Honestly I think the shades are pretty bright and formulated to fit most peoples skin tones. I think they only offer a pink, coral, red, and berry. So I would get whichever best suits your liking. With that being said, I tend to like berry colours on my medium olive skin, so that’s the one I have.

  23. Not sure how much you paid, but it seems like a good deal to me tbh.

  24. I love that cute little robot. Plus it smells pretty good too.

  25. This actually has nothing to do with the reformulation. Although the new version is definitely weaker, the reason you’re unable to smell it entirely is because it’s part of the Ambrox/musk fragrance family. Fragrances with central notes of Ambrox (think Juliette has a gun, milk by dedcool etc) are notorious for being completely invisible to some individuals noses. The majority of people are able to detect it, but some people just smell nothing at all.

  26. Was your coconut BDC in the new packaging ??

  27. I really want to try that Fenty balm

  28. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't understand the hate on "scalpers." They're people too. People who also need to feed their families and possibly down on extra cash for the holidays. Who cares if they capitalized on rich person lip gloss or heaven forbid a keychain. Glossier is doing the EXACT SAME THING but on a much larger scale and at an affordable cost. Don't want it, don't buy it. 🤷‍♀️

  29. No lol, scalpers aren’t some noble group trying to make ends meet for their family. It’s more often than not young adults trying to make a quick buck by preying on desperate shoppers. They deserve the hate they get because they ruin launches and releases that are meant to be fun by bulk ordering and selling things out very quickly, and as a result preventing actual interested shoppers from buying things they really wanted.

  30. And you're basing your speculations on what? Your extensive research into the Glossier reseller community? The community that "ruins launches" for all the privileged people? LOL

  31. No, I’m basing it off of the fact that I’m a university student and I know a lot of peers who consistently sell out popular launches in order to resell them and make quick money. This isn’t exclusive to makeup, they do it for clothing, sneakers, tech, even consumable goods. They have recently done this for the “Prime” drink that launched in Canada just a few days ago. Stores were completely wiped out because young men bought all the stock and went online to resell everything at crazy prices.

  32. You’re making me really excited to receive my Fuzz gen g. I’m around a g8 and I was worried it wouldn’t show up on me at all. It looks stunning on you

  33. I hope this is not a stupid question but how do you sign up for these events? Sounds like a fun time.

  34. Not a stupid question at all! Cause I’ve only just been getting into signing up for these events and I was lost lol.

  35. Oh Gosh thank you so much for the info! Super helpful

  36. How were you able to get your not shipped out orders on Shopify?

  37. This is an app you can download named Shop, it’s made by Shopify. Once you download the app, you have to sync your emails to the system. Any emails your receive that are order confirmations will then be transferred over to the Shop app where you will be able to track their progress Glossiers website is a shopify store so the integration between your glossier orders and the Shop app should be pretty seamless.

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