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  1. Our church numbers grew slightly in person attendance. But we grew a lot in online church members. We had online services before covid, but we expanded our presence online and people really enjoyed it so we've put more time, money, and effort into that.

  2. Title: CFO, 20 person engineering firm, so inflated title Industry

  3. Growing up in CP, Williamson County and CP were DEEP red. that was probably 20-30 years ago, but still. The area has become much more diverse, larger, and democratic.

  4. sounds like you dont understand the material then, dont sign up and waste more money if you aren't passing(or at least close to passing) the practice tests.Go down to 1 test at a time and really pound out 1 test at a time, but you have a large mountain to climb starting there. Good luck

  5. by the 10th of the month, but is flexible if I need it to be.

  6. Office in the front of the house with 2 windows, 1 i put a bird feeder on so I can watch the birds. I have a Corner desk in the middle of the room that faces the hall and windows. I have a desk topper that can raise and lower, it has 2 24" monitors on, and a 3rd 24" monitor on a stand attached to the desk. Printer/scanner in the corner in case I need it. A Camera attached to a snake arm that I can adjust wherever I need.

  7. wouldn't say any of those were great, some where just over complicated

  8. Thank you! Cedar Park Middle School is the closest to me; I'll have to go check it out.

  9. I used to run at CPMS back in the day, I assume it'd still be open, they lock it near sundown I think

  10. Generally you are not selling at average costs. you bought 1 at $2, and 1 at $1. When you sell its FIFO, so when you sell 1, you are selling the first you bought, the $2, so you broke even, and have 1 left at $1. Average costs is good for looking at total gain and total loss, but isn't useful for selling.

  11. Yes, you are opted in Automatically unless you opt out as a season ticket holder

  12. I agree... But i'm 100% WFH, small company, and did I mention the 30-40/hours a week. Extremely flexible, and literally 0 stress. I have a young family and my focus is them, I'm comfortable in life with money, and want to enjoy raising my family and being there for them 100%, this job allows me to do that without question. I've met my needs, so now I can enjoy my life. I'm not in the rat race.

  13. sadly no, its just a Christmas gift they give all employees, debated on even putting it out there.

  14. If someone would be kind enough to ELI5 this for me, that would be greatly appreciated.

  15. They have kept Interest Rates low because recessions haven't ever recovered enough and inflation hasn't been high enough to make the central banks increase interests. If they did increase the interest rates without inflation it could cause a recession/Stagflation/possibly deflation. But That was the biggest tool of the central banks. We are in a time of prosperity right now which has now caused inflation, so the central bank should increase interest rates to fight inflation. There is now so much debt in the world that increasing interest rates will increase defaults on that debt, which is going to double the risks of raising interest rates. Now you risk causing a recession by increasing interest rates(which causes more people to save, and to spend less money), and causing more defaults of companies, which decreases jobs available, and bank losses as they lose on their loans).

  16. Damn it, low balled myself again..... annual bonus of adding ham?

  17. I had that as a build up to a flair, once under control with remicade it went away, mostly. Oh what fun

  18. Apply, interview, and see how you feel. If you get a bad vibe with the culture or anything then I’d stay where you are.

  19. Thats what I'm leaning towards. And plan on being very picky.

  20. No risk, no gain. Don't stagnate your skills. If you are already CFO, then you should try to leverage that more as you are obviously capped out in terms of career progression at your current company. You have so much room for income to grow, but not likely at your current company.

  21. Yeah, i've been here 10 years. So i feel I am either going to have to be a lifer here now, or jump before I lose out on more learning opportunities or just become "old"

  22. Good idea, is day food a brews are the most important

  23. The short answer is No, dont do it. CPA here....

  24. Hey now… they also got attention when they caught on fire in 2005.

  25. which was the ownership begging people to help clean up for free if I remember correctly.

  26. Horrible location, never wanted to drive way out there otherwise I'd have supported them more

  27. He would be our first USMNT player. Lima has had some caps, but he's no longer in the hopper.

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