1. Are you able to upload your own videos?

  2. I don’t really post videos on douyin but I’ve seen some foreigners on douyin that can allow to post videos.

  3. Did you just update the app? Because this problem has been around for like a month now

  4. Yes I’d used my iphone and it automatically download itself, i went there to see if douyin is okay now but yeah you can like another vids except when you want to follow people on douyin the verification code is still there but I don’t if it works on android phones

  5. Same story here too. So Gd annoying. China probably has another set of layer of regulations going into effect with apps and foreigners. I don't know if you've read business news but China has been going after their own businesses with heavy regulations in the last 3 months. Didi, Baba, Tencent, etc.

  6. Has anyone found a way to verify with non Chinese ID? I wonder if it has something to do because the huge amount of trolls going around that and new government regulations. It makes it hard for overseas people who actually seriously use the app.

  7. Same thing happened to me when a girl said I’m not Asian because I don’t watch anime and because my dad is American.

  8. lol why are you thinking i'm mad? I can feel your passive aggressiveness squirm

  9. Cause ur wrong hun 🥺 and also don’t bring Singapore here and what did Singapore do?

  10. Your welcome to this server I'm getting going :)

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