1. yikes .. following this ..I don't think I have accessed my at&t site or settings or anything in 5yrs..I will probably lose my mind when I see what Alexa and blink and Roku and Samsung have been plotting 🤯

  2. Just to flag you to OPs update edit - it wasn't a Blink camera, it was something else misnamed.

  3. That printer will not have enough memory to hold 1000 pages or convert them to a pdf afterwards anyway sadly, even if automated.

  4. You just turn off automatic updates. You can downgrade the App if you have a restore point or backup available from before the change.

  5. Free cloud storage if you opened your account prior to April 2020. I made this mistake when I bought some XT2's thinking I wouldn't have to take the subscription. I emailed Blink who said:

  6. No. XT2's themselves also come with lifetime inclusive cloud storage on any account (they were originally priced higher to include this).

  7. As others have said too, it's definitely the Google Translate icon.

  8. Exactly which black writing should be replaced with the new text? All of it? And the green first line?

  9. I hope so. Got plans to add the Pan V3 to my weather station and replace the V3 currently with the RTSP firmware.

  10. We need to try and offer to pay Wyze for the RTSP development - currently they don't get anything by offering it - the money is in the cloud as they say!

  11. If you sign in to their account on another phone (one you know notifications were working on), do they show on that device?

  12. gotta get around it. need a coding wizard.

  13. I've lived in the UK for 15 years. I have never heard of chocolate limes, mint cakes or powdered lucozade 😳 I need to check these things out lol

  14. Kendal mint cake & Dib Dab Lucozade flavour are fairly common in the North West (Cumbria region) TBH.

  15. The "0" could also be:Ø ø  Depending on the Usage.Most likely, a Special character like that wouldn't be usable in creating a password..WIKI:

  16. In the EU and albeit rarer in the UK too the line through the 0 denotes a 0 rather than an O. Like the bar through the 7 too.

  17. Not sure I get this... couldn't you just enter the 'right' password?

  18. You need to dry it properly. Rice (as automod should now tell you) is a terrible thing to try and 'dry' electronics out with. It simply does not dry things, but does promote the later growth of mould.

  19. It's to fill a syringe pump or other automated device, not for single one-time use into the skin.

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