Gary Gensler: "I believe that our markets aren't as fair and competitive as possible. To modernize our rules for the modern markets and make our markets work better for everyone, we put forward four proposals on key parts of our equity market system. But we need your input to get that done!"

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U.S. DOJ in process of seizing Robinhood shares tied to Alameda Research loans

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  1. When I look at that bank's picture, I imagine a spokesperson saying this: "Your money is assured to be secure in our shipping container vault..."

  2. Doesn't these days of celebration start the year of the Rabbit in China?

  3. Well then I have to ask, when do financial institutions wise up and write off all these nothing tokens created out of fake GME? This things are still trading on FTX aren't they? How come? Why hasn't the new ceo overseeing the bankruptcy of FTX address this? When will the financial institutions that took these tokens as collateral write them off as the worthless instruments that they are?

  4. Wasn't there something heavily redacted on the ceo of Alameda plea agreement and the working theory was that there was possibly an 8th charge or something there that might relate to the GME tokenized stocks?

  5. They chose the wrong stock. Reddit gamers... good luck with that. I guarantee reddit gamers can grind harder than the dumb stormtroopers of the investing galaxy.

  6. I would like to also add that SBF likely has no one above him to offer up on a platter to the authorities in exchange for leniency or he wouldn't be this outspoken publicly and he would keep his mouth shut and let his lawyer do the negotiating for him.

  7. Look, let's be honest...Are we sure that GG even exists?

  8. Now if I remember it correctly, there aren't any LULD volatility halts for stocks in the last 1/2 hour of the trading day, yes?

  9. Well this Friday is a "Friday the 13th" so maybe CZ is superstitutous and trying to get ahead all of that negative karma hoopla action...

  10. I don't know about you all but I for one would be very worried about the upcoming January 20th GME options expiring...So much volatility!

  11. Is it possible this poor man will be hit with a devastating 200k fine? Prayers for him

  12. Yes, I believe that's the case. Not for short obligations, but for naked short selling. Just another avenue by which broker-dealers can generate additional naked shorts.

  13. Well explained --I sincerely appreciate your simple and concise explanation. Thank you "once" again! :)

  14. He is taking off his "clothes" to be drawn by Jack while wearing nothing but diamonds...

  15. I saw this in one of my feeds too. It's comical how hard they are trying to push negative sentiment about the company. People around me are even noticing how unusual it is. It's sending the wrong message and more people are starting to question what they read. I love it!

  16. So "negative debt" didn't work! OK let's try something else!!!

  17. Bumper sticker slogan for GME: "By saying nothing, RC says it all!"

  18. So shf know that the doj now has 460 million dollars worth of robbin hood: can shorties use those shares as locates for shorting? Asking for a friend...

  19. It has been theorized that GME is the "idiosyncratic risk" that could undermine a banking institution in Europe. This is a discussion of said theory to advance it further for all to consider...

  20. So let me see if I understand this clearly: You contend that since the SEC helped withold public information about what Melvin Capital was doing with Viacom that they are doing the exact same thing with GME and that the truth will come out in the next few months as we revisit the 2 year anniversary of the "Sneeze?" Is that right?

  21. I wonder if this rise is proof that the shf were using the crypt-0 bros tokenized stocks as locates so the hedgies could rehypothicate? If gov't finally squahed access to those counterfeits that were being used as locates to suppress GME, then could this be the natural result of that action and more importantly will it continue to rise as those counterfeit locates are removed from the playing field?

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