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  1. How is it imperialist to explain why a country is in the gutter?

  2. "Intellectual property" is not real property. Its a crazy idea invented by statists to restrict personal freedom.

  3. So, lets say you poured your heart and soul into a book, or music album, or you're the next Picasso no one's heard of...

  4. If I was a world class writer or music artist, and required the government to restrict people from sharing their property, in order for me to get money, I would deserve to be poor.

  5. So tired of this fear mongering about the supreme court. They make it illegal to kill babies and now every other article says they're dismantling democracy. Ffs.

  6. B-but I think I should be allowed to carry a gun to a mall, and use the n-word! That makes me lib!

  7. I made no judgement about sufferings of individual people. One of the reason peaceful settlement is so effective at cultural extinction is how little resistance it inspires (obviously all nazis too). You just wake up to not owning your country anymore, or there's nobody to wake up because somebody chose a better car to having children.

  8. Yes. Nazis. A synonym for evil. Known for commiting the crime of exporting German culture.

  9. Oh, glad to hear you have children. Hopefully they will stop you from doing another Payton Gendron.

  10. Sure, and again, making enemies out of exchanges or trying to undermine their stability is only going to hinder crypto as a whole and make adoption harder.

  11. A legit exchange suffers no damage, if everyone withdraws everything from it. In fact, it should only create them profit from the withdraw fees.

  12. Yes, and all I'm telling you is that applying that level of paranoia and security to the average consumer is only going to scare them away from crypto all together. The "rah rah Fuck exchanges!" mindset makes crypto holders look ravenous and unhinged to those entering the market because without exchanges there isn't really a viable means of acquiring crypto unless you're able to afford to mine it.

  13. There’s a lot of skiers/snow boarders in California. Lots of people I know go to China Peak in the winter.

  14. An activity that 1% of the population participates in, is not native to the area, and is hugely more popular in some other areas.

  15. oh look it's that stupid asshole who thought it would be a swell idea to fake an emergency at Time Square and to waste dozens of cops and emergency services resources.

  16. Oh no! The cops wasted their time breaking a car window! What if a real emergency happened? Imagine a school shooting, without cops standing outside eating donuts.

  17. I never understood how intense the hatred is for JP. I mean, sure, some of this comments don't jive with the more woke crowd but they paint him like some supervillian.

  18. He is an incredibly stupid person, but the right wingers praise him as a messiah, because he says "feminism bad".

  19. If you had to distil down the essense of idiocracy generation to a single "celebrity", it's right here. Suck fat out of your abs, inject it into your ass, become a billionaire influencer.

  20. Se on kyllä hienoa kun ihmiset, jotka ovat vastuussa näistä järjestelmien tilauksista, eivät tajua mistään mitään sen vertaa, että hyväksyvät järjestelmiä jossa yhden perkeleen veroprosentin muuttaminen tuottaa tollaset kustannukset. Ei jumalauta, pitää vissiin itekki alkaa kuppamaan rahaa valtiolta/kunnilta/muulta julkiselta puolelta IT-konsultoinnilla.

  21. IT-hankinnat kuten kaikki muutkin julkisen puolen ostot yksityisiltä yrityksiltä tehdään suhteiden kautta. Kilpailutukset ovat lavastettuja, jossa myyjä sopii ostajan kanssa kriteerit etukäteen.

  22. Virtually all of these are 30/40mm rifle grenades with 3d printed fins and detonators.

  23. Why would they be 3d printed? I would imagine that enough of these are made to justify a mold, that can be used to produce the fins at 5000 times higher rate.

  24. Feels weird seeing Russians not getting Blown out of the Fucking Water on footage these days.

  25. It's your problem if they can bypass authentication this way.

  26. Can you give me an example of an authentication method, that gives user unauthorized access, if his client tries to parse invalid JSON?

  27. Yeah, i understand. But if serialization is involved its better left to the dev. you cant rely on the browser to magically serialize your objects. A lot of times you will create a custom object/class which requires special treatment.

  28. Vaikka kuinka romanttiselta ajatus kuulostaakin, niin noiden lähes 80 vuotta perusvenäläisen laiminlyönnin kohteena olleiden alueiden palauttaminen takaisin Suomen elintasolle veisi varmaan toiset 80 vuotta ja vetäisi valtiontalouden konkurssiin.

  29. Viimeeksi kun Suomi oli siellä palauttamassa perusvenäläisiä Suomen elintasolle, niin se tarkoitti että lähes 10 000 siviiliä tapettiin sotahallinon virittämissä keskitysleirillä. Noin neljäsosa väestösta tapettiin kahdessa vuodessa.

  30. Onko 10 000 enemmän vai vähemmän kuin 1 miljoona? Stalin nimittäin komensi lähes miljoona kansalaistaan teloitettavaksi, puhumattakaan sitten niistä kymmenistä miljoonista jotka hän tapatti epäsuoremmin keinoin.

  31. Meinasin spesifisti kuinka paljon tuhoa tehtiin Itä-Karjalassa. Tai suhteutettuna väkilukuun, niin Neuvostoliittokin piti kaiken valloitetun alueen väestöstä parempaa huolta kuin supertuhoaja Suomi.

  32. Tell me. How hard have you fought to end the wrong doings in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. How much have you sacrificed to fight for their justice? Have you even ever suggested, that the people from the countries that perpetuate these conflicts should be banned from DotA or other sporting events? That they should even publicly denounce their own country?

  33. So because I haven't cared about every conflict in human history, I shouldn't care about this one? I don't know the intricacies of what's going on in Palestine. But I do know about this war. And the reason it's allowed to go on is because the vast majority of russians either support it or stay silent about it. So forgive me if I don't want to support people who would rather watch an entire nation wiped off the face of the earth than stick their neck out.

  34. The nearby country of usa im talking about did want Russian bases.

  35. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuba%E2%80%93Russia_relations

  36. I don't even know nazgul nor do I condone killing anyone. You're a bit dramatic. Also the HQ of tl is in Utrecht, go Google it. The only parts of TL that are in the us are the cs:go and lol teams. Yet again. You are wrong, so please relax with the omg you condone murder when my entire point is nothing more than correcting something you are wrong about, sheesh

  37. Idc about your giant hate boner for the US. TL currently has two divisions and two HQ. It's an EU org and the owner is from Denmark. But please tell me more about the big bad US and deflect being wrong about a eSports org region lmao

  38. Hi from the center of Evil State, Moscow. No VPN needed to read and post on Reddit. Sometimes I use VPN to read Google News (banned), Instagram (to check how Zendaya is doing) and for some porn.

  39. Its incredible how much trade EU and USA still does with Russia. But one purchase from India or China, and suddenly they are heartless monsters funding the war.

  40. Because HTML - at it's core - was always about describing the structure of a document. Not behavior. Which makes all the difference.

  41. I could not give a rat ass if someone used a mobility scooter as a sex rack. There are plenty of ways for people who can not peddle a bike to get around. As long as it does not involve killing me, im fine with any of them.

  42. Oh better watch out for people walking then cause they could push you down and you could crack your skull. I think you are trying to make the point that they have an elevated risk but so would a fully loaded cargo ebike. It also has a similar top speed. In terms of adaptable effective transportation for those with mobility impairments a better solution has not been made.

  43. For terminology for my first comment, tactical nukes are small and meant to be used against militaries, and strategic nukes are large and meant to be used against infrastructure like cities.

  44. I used to follow his channel. Never listened to any of his shill-videos where he promotes this or that "hidden 100x gem", but I listened to his videos for general news and info.

  45. It’s not about immunity, it’s just that the smart contracts will function regardless of legality.

  46. Congratulations for being literally the type of person I was making fun out of.

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