Which tv series has aged like milk?

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  1. For some reason I can’t get the video to play. Idk if it’s working fine for y’all

  2. I can’t, either. Tried several times.

  3. The video is replayed slower so you can see after it first plays at normal speed

  4. Zoom in on the face. I don't think that's a person. That looks like a cpr dummy or mannequin the skin is very clearly plastic.

  5. Very close. We’re animation grad students. People basically sleep at their desks in order to get work done.

  6. You gotta remember the original was considered shit at the time too but we watched it through a child’s eye. There’s a lot of nostalgia at play when we think of that one. We’re seeing this new one as jaded adults. Different eyes. We’re bound to think it sucks, just like our parents thought the original sucked.

  7. This actually helped me lol. I’m so critical now and I need to calm that shit down

  8. OMG You should see what it was like being in grade school in the late 70s early 80s! Dont get me started. I would probably get cancelled just by talking about it. Someday I will.

  9. Fallout 76, for as much shit as it used to get and still gets, is surprisingly a very fun and good game. I would honestly argue that 76 actually has vastly superior writing, roleplaying, and dialogue compared to 4. I think it has a far more interesting and creative game world too.

  10. After the Wastelanders update its quality drastically improved, not to mention all the updates it's gotten since then. I was definitely one of it's detractors when it first came out, but I can give credit where it's due. Today, FO76 is (imo) a better Fallout game than 4.

  11. My landlord/roommate to a tee. She’s like an abusive parent. Me and my other roommate are leaving asap

  12. I don't like or dislike him. I think you got a point. But the ones who like him also got their points. So for me he's neutral

  13. “All my stripper friendsss, all my ex boy friendssss (woo!) we all want the same thangg…! We all want the same thangg..!! 😼”

  14. She’s an abuser. My ex would also compare me to her exes and how I was failing, too. Smh. Please get out of this abusive marriage or push for couples therapy or something op

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