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  1. My friend recently told me he loves me like a sister. I would have been very disappointed a year ago, when I asked him out, but I'm over that now and I've been fucking ecstatic for days 😊

  2. Man, why did homophobes have to take the word alphabet? I love calling myself a part of the alphabet mafia or alphabet soup :(

  3. Yep. ADHD is more an issue of frequency. Everyone occasionally does less work than they wanted to, forgets where they parked their car, and loses their cool. But if those things happen every few days or every day, that's where it starts to negatively impact academics, careers, and social relationships and qualify as a disorder.

  4. My mom told me that I probably don't have ADHD (I'm not diagnosed but I have a ton of symptoms and a family member had it, so chances I have it seem high to me) because I remember important things, like my work schedule. I told her that I hadn't forgotten it so far because I also have anxiety, which had until then made me check my schedule multiple times a day, but I knew I'd forget it eventually. My subconsciousness decided to prove my point the next day by making me nearly late to work because I forgot about it. At least she sorta understands now 😭

  5. I made my video today after procrastinating 3 days. I went to the terrace, sat there, put the camera on and just spoke idk what. (Cuzz today was the deadline)

  6. 1/1/6 lmao, I got into my state school so it's go big or go home 💀

  7. 2070 max q here, I'm not gonna be able to upgrade for a couple years and it works just fine ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_/⁠¯

  8. 4.0 scale. Weighted grades are generally >4 if you have A’s in honors/AP classes. We use the same scale at my school for GPA. I was confused by this too lol. 4.35/5 weighted seems to be something lower than a B+ average according to the internet.

  9. I put out of 4 because my school district doesn't have a limit and I know people who've gone over 5 :/

  10. 303, since 2019 (No wonder I have no free time)

  11. 613 since 2019. I have free time, I just spend it all on AO3 😂

  12. Tried this today by playing my instrument and ended up getting a sensory overload 💀

  13. Yeah, especially when you've had a panic attack a few hours before :(

  14. Remember how long it took for the whole Scorsese remark situation to die down? This is pretty new and im already sick of this discussion.

  15. Scorsese? They guy who directed Goncharov? I loved that movie, but the bridge scene really made me cry.

  16. If it helps, I first heard of it on Tumblr ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_/¯

  17. Back in middle school, for physical ed, they graded us on whether we were able to lower our BMI by the end of the year. Not even going into how utterly fucked up that was, that was the year my body grew breasts & went through puberty. I was underweight the whole year. Guess who got a failing grade in gym class? 😊

  18. They graded you on whether you were able to lower your BMI??? Aside from what you said, what about people with EDs? People already at healthy weights? That's super fucked up...

  19. I've seen prices for down day after day, definitely wait until Black Friday, or until you see a deal too good to pass because it'll go out of stock if you wait.

  20. Meibra. A teleporting woman who sneaks up behind you invisibility before freezing you and killing you.

  21. Sometimes I think a word, but then have a moment of self-doubt. Does that word mean what I think it means? So I'll use a different, simpler, but less-fitting, word.

  22. I do this extremely often. I usually end up googling the word and most of the time I'm correct 😂

  23. You might like Nevada, especially the Las Vegas area. SUPER big into LGBT rights and are tied with Vermont for transgender protection laws and healthcare. I'm not sure about women in Vermont, but the metro areas in Nevada are very progressive.

  24. It's looking like our next governor might be Republican, though, so idk how long the laws will stay super progressive

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