1. Since we don’t have the stats, I’ll concede to “a lot, if not most”.

  2. You could look up stats but you just want to believe what you want to believe regardless also fact. What a stupid way to go through life.

  3. No, I just have an actual life and I don’t have time to dive into sources when I’m arguing with an idiot on Reddit

  4. They discovered it... now do they understand it?

  5. people only look up to the US because they’re the richest country by far, even if ironically the population is not

  6. Less than 1% of the population is dirty fuckin rich though

  7. And people… people are posting this… are they proud of having a Rittenhouse vs a Thunberg? THAT’S the fuckin cultural disconnect right there. Unreal…

  8. “Abortions, Riots & Socialism” would be a sick band name

  9. In nursing school for my peds rounds, I had a 6 month old who was there for an abscess after the mother (probably totally on meth) was picking at a “bug bite”. Anyway- the mom kept asking if she could feed her baby mashed potatoes. Baby’s mom’s mom was also there and swore by feeding her babies mashed potatoes as soon as a few months after they were born. Despite the doctor and I explaining they shouldn’t do that I’m pretty sure they still did…

  10. You can’t! You literally cannot reason with people who don’t believe in factual statements or evidence. That’s what “reasoning” is, right? A thought process connected to a series of facts/ statements. But if you can discount fucking everything with “fake news”, you’re really limiting yourself intellectually. And it’s super frustrating trying to deal with them because they’re so dumb they think they’ve got everything figured out

  11. Don’t get it removed… it looks fine. Nobody’s going to be a harder critique on your art than yourself… if the line width or whatever really bugs you after a year or whatever have someone fix it. I have a tattoo that says “utopia” and no one could read it for the first few years I had it. When someone guessed it said “outlaw” I’d had the last straw and went and got it fixed. Now most people can read it

  12. How about- no one who’s famous because their parents were and also have gotten plastic surgery

  13. Still trying to figure out why she fell.

  14. Her harness wasn’t on right or was shitty and broke

  15. "...one for people like you and me". That is some rich shit right there. This motherfucker has been a whitecollar criminal 40 years in the wide open.

  16. Anybody else notice his makeup is getting worse in the last year? Just worse and worse. Wonder if he won’t pay for the good people anymore.

  17. when are we going to start laughing at the people who do this while they do this? that kind of humiliation will surely have him out the door immediately

  18. For. Real… They complain about this “divide” yet inside a lot (if not most) of them are just a second away from breaking loose and turning into this guy

  19. I wanted a pair SO BAD. The parents were not about it

  20. I think calling it “Reno Public Market” kinda misdirects people into thinking it’s a produce grocer/farmers market type situation. People I talked to all thought it was that (me included) until we went.

  21. Totally, I thought it was going to be like a more refined Eugene, OR’s Saturday Market…. Similar to farmers market kinda deal. I was not expecting food court

  22. I don’t see the big deal… it’s just a rich kid character arc

  23. I hate that we live in a world where people can have their face and a version of their face but it’s perfect and flawless and literally unobtainable without surgery. Like, a girl can post a completely different human’s pictures (as in- looks vaguely like them)up and they’re getting likes and the girls are like-‘omg they think I’m beautiful’. The cognitive divide is fascinating

  24. Man, I knew there had to be a reason I’ve always hated Akon. Motherfucker out there with “Akon, Convict” and he has a lighter criminal record than I do. Punk ass

  25. Hahaha this is the best and most accurate rendition of Taint ever… i always wondered where his enormous ego came from- because it sure as FUCK ain’t his looks

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