1. Hands down the hottest pic you have posted on here. Those come to bed and fuck me eyes! Wow 🥵

  2. Sit on my face I'll lick your pussy until you squirt

  3. Definitely would be teachers' pet in this situation.

  4. im probably not the best sex partner you have had but given that im always eager and ready to fuck you every minute of the day....shows that i have potential :)

  5. YES!!! multiple times if I could and you'll be dripping my juices till Monday

  6. If I could, guess I’ll have to settle with stroking my cock looking at you!

  7. As long as I can tongue fuck it first

  8. Creampie, I hate pulling out when I'm in a good place 😏😘

  9. both that also means we need to fuck twice..probably more for practice :)

  10. Sexy as always— you are sooo fuck’n hot 😈

  11. I’ll be there in the drop of a hate

  12. Emily, you are no ordinary teacher! You are extra and extra ordinary and when the shapely skirt is spied? My oh my another scoop of extra please! 💎❤️🍆💦😉

  13. ❤️🥰🥰 that's sweet of you ❤️

  14. Hey there🔥🔥🔥stuff 👋👋👋

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