The "What were you wearing?" exhibit that was on display at the University of Kansas

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  1. More GOP control. Funny how the party claiming they are for protecting peoples rights are increasingly taking away peoples rights. Fucking assholes

  2. Do you really think the GOP sees women as people? We're just uteruses (uteri?) with legs to them.

  3. Is this even legal? It may be called an abortion but is it really? Will condoms be next? IUDs? Why not just cut to the chase and make us Weil veils and have a chaperone on dates.

  4. They already try to put women in jail for miscarriages. So, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to ban condoms and IUDs next.

  5. Basically, just let your house be moldy forever. Cool EPA, very cool.

  6. The only thing that kills mold is dehydration. Nothing else works. Get it dry, keep it dry, and it stops being a problem.

  7. That doesn't work when you live in an area that has 90 to 100% humidity at all times of the year.

  8. Pretty sure someone rolled over that one with the disco bubble mount 🤔

  9. That was one that I killed on my DB. I killed several other deer in that area and got the same floppy rag doll effect...lol

  10. I've been seeing a lot of rag doll physics in Rowen. Usually the mobs just disappear but for some reason the deer don't. They just kind of flop around.

  11. We also live in a world where 2 japanese gamers got kicked out of a competition and streaming because they said nigeru, which literally means run away or to escape

  12. Yeah, that is also dumb. AGS also has some dumb censoring as well. The German word for fewer is banned. It's gotten ridiculous.

  13. A lot of people are homeless only bc they can not afford a home.

  14. What about the folks that don't pass a mental health check? Even people with mental issues need a roof over their head.

  15. Read the text on picture number 4 and that might make the context clear.

  16. These are clothes that people were wearing when they were raped or sexually assaulted.

  17. I'm doing it for the tome and the victory dance... But strictly non-PVP so doing the long scenic route.

  18. Same. Also, I figure it will be a while before Elgancia comes out. So, might as well take my time finishing the Rowen tome.

  19. Potassium bromate breaks down during the baking process. These folks are freaking out over nothing.

  20. I've never died from eating bread, I'm sure it's not that toxic.

  21. It's not these people are fear mongering.

  22. You think soldiers should be allowed to take fucking opiates? Thank god Reddit isn't running an army.

  23. I don't think someone should be fired for eating a poppy seed bagel or muffin.

  24. Man, the lack of scaling for legion raids is one of my biggest issues with the game and I like bussing because it makes Valtan require me to use braincells.

  25. I hate the mentality that certain folks have that everything in an mmo needs to be challenging. Sometimes people just want to chill and not worry about dumb garbage like party wipe mechanics.

  26. That wasn't National Enquirer. They have always printed dumb articles about celebrities and politicians. Weekly World News is where things like Batboy and UFO stories were printed.

  27. -KR users flamed about MOBA mod because they wanted SG to focus more on PVE contents update instead of "wasting time on MOBA that no one is going to play or play only for rewards bound to it."

  28. Loa is made for Koreans first and foremost. Then its exported for the rest of the world. Loa revolves around kr, not the west.

  29. Doesn't mean we have to like being treated like second class players.

  30. Yes, it seems like that is all they want.

  31. basically all not work related activities are nsfw, including watching twitch clips

  32. That is very dumb. There are only a handful of things that should be marked nsfw.

  33. It’s plastic and doesn’t hurt at all.. why would he be so obsessed with it if it hurt…

  34. My adoptive mom accidently chopped off the tip of her pinky finger because of a plastic fan. She was trying to make sure the fan was safe even if someone stuck their fingers in the guard. She had to have that part of the finger sewn back on.

  35. Whiskers do grow back. It takes six weeks to 3 months. So, be patient. In the mean time explain to this child that what she did was wrong and why. She may be a little kid but that is not an excuse.

  36. Shouldn’t use that at all. Those are dangerous and cause cancer to your cat. Just use the flea and tick medicine you put on back of neck. Use Advantage or Revolution. Both are good.

  37. The issue is that Advantage and Frontline just do not work where I live. The only thing that has killed the fleas has been flea collars.

  38. I'm not going to buy some sketchy flea meds from a company I've never heard of. My cat already had a reaction to the Seresto collar we got her. So, no thank you.

  39. It would be nice if we got one for the anniversary. But, I doubt we are getting one until the next class release.

  40. I usually inspect party members after I join. If one of the party members has a name that looks like they smashed their face into a keyboard and their profile is empty (no title, roster, strong hold or guild) I leave.

  41. Enjoying clearing a raid is not the same as wiping on content not due to personal play. I’m all for folks learning, and I’ve helped people consistently. However, there are people just not suited for the level of personal accountability in this game specifically. It honestly makes me sad too.

  42. Party wipe mechanics as a whole are very lazy. Seems like every single Legion raid has some form of collect the orbs in the right pattern or die. If the developers can't make an engaging and fun raid without throwing in a bunch of party wipe mechanics then that is a problem.

  43. Its a raiding group content.

  44. Pretty much any suggestion I make is going to get shot down and downvoted into oblivion (because apparently dogpiling is super fun). So, there isn't much point. But, here you go anyway:

  45. Beautiful. They should actually make a skin for Halloween that does something like this.

  46. Lol, hilarious. I hope PA deals with them if they really release anything like that. Thanks for sharing!

  47. They are also trying to steal Lineage II's client code. Because messing with NCSoft is just super intelligent.

  48. They don't plan to steal anything. I don't think someone claiming to make a "Singleplayer MMO" is capable of that. They are using buzzwords to get people that aren't familiar with this stuff to buy into it.

  49. That's why I used the term Cryptoscammers in the title. These guys are just preying on people that don't know any better.

  50. damn! i was hoping for 6 hours of aura!

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