I made a cutaway of the Mercedes pit garage this season

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  1. My biggest and best tip, was to not listen to tips online.

  2. https://pinknoisemag.com/essays/23-tips-tricks/

  3. In Reaper it's better to send them both to a stereo track/aux, slap on an encoder/decoder, remove one of the outputs, then use an all pass filter and switch to phase and automate it so it rqndomly goes left and right. You sacrifice a liiitle width, but it makes stuff sound much bigger and natural. Especially if you listen with headphones. This also immensly helps with mono playback.

  4. I use Reaper, I'd like to try this. Can you run me through it in more detail?

  5. I think in that same vein it's worth considering what you think they could potentially do with your music. If they work in post it could be used in ways you haven't thought of that you'll see none of etc. Its always gonna be a trade off, personally I'd be hesitant, it sounds like they may not be telling you something.

  6. I think because they work in sync and have those contacts, it could end up being placed in TV or film or something. I figured I'd always get paid for my music's usage through my ownership of the publishing. But yeah, I need to ask more questions I think.

  7. Looks like another off-duty Brazilian cop

  8. My favourite thing about this picture is the boobs

  9. Holy shit, as an American, their new owner is fucking insane and showing just how little he knows LOL

  10. As a human with two arms who has just eaten some yoghurt, I agree.

  11. It was some proper Tsimikas Greek stuff like, bangin

  12. Some of these happiest countries also have the highest rates of suicide, iirc. I'd have thought there would be some negative correlation between the two, no?

  13. Statement from Ginetta that both drivers are in a stable condition in hospital. Hopefully they both make a swift recovery.

  14. I'm reading between the lines but it sounded like extracating the driver is what took a long time, I think both went by air ambulance too.

  15. Yeah, this was my thinking. I had to switch to the F1 start - has there been any news?

  16. I understand them, yes :) I.e. someone having no choice but to rent a home because they don't have the means of buying a home, is someone struggling to buy a home. So my entire post stays relevant, thankfully!

  17. But if you agree that growing up in disadvantaged circumstances is not their choice, and you agree those circumstances can limit career opportunities, therefore income, then it'd be dissonant to not also agree that income is not as much of a choice as you've been making out...

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