1. Hmm, strongly feel like these are Australian cops. Unlike the UK they do carry guns

  2. As a kiwi, these uniforms look 100% like our new zealand police.

  3. Must've been confusing with the Mob also in Palmy

  4. All the colours of the rainbmw

  5. Is Pete getting hate again from the fanbase? And is it because of the niners current success?

  6. Seasonal affective disorder hits pnw fans hard. Mariner fans and Seahawks fans all get more depressed than they should be this time of year

  7. Probably doesn't help having to watch the niners keep winning.

  8. If it were me, I would get HID bulbs if they're a good price, small and compact but, at least where I live, they can easily sell for about $120 each. In general I would try to find out the top 10 car makes and models in my local area and then target small but high value parts such as sensors, timing belts and kits, ignition parts such as coils and spark plugs for those vehicles.

  9. He knows what the ladies like.

  10. That's not uncommon for a concert shirt. Even before inflation. Sorry can't blame Jacinta for that one. Blame music streaming which has resulted in merchandise being the best way to make profit for musical acts

  11. Not familiar with the /s tag then?

  12. Yessss! Thank you. We need more people saying exactly this.

  13. Exactly. How many other countries actually managed to successfully hold off covid for as long as NZ. And people talk as if the early covid waves with high death rates didn't have their own economic impact on the countries affected by them. I remember most of the kiwis living overseas trying to come back as soon as possible because NZ was one of the best places to live in 2020/2021

  14. Well said. A big chunk of Kiwis have proved to be extremely fickle and have short memories. I didn't agree with everything her govt did in her tenure, but whoever agrees 100% with everything a govt does? Despite this I can't look at those early covid numbers compared to other countries and feel like it was handled poorly and you're right - the way her govt handled the pandemic was a big reason for the big numbers coming back home.

  15. Nick Cannon has a lot to answer for.

  16. I'm hooked. Tell me everything.

  17. OK sure, but OP doesn't seem to know that you can activate even one person.

  18. They are on the IR. You select their player card and then remove from IR.

  19. I thought I was a crazy person for a second. They're on IR!

  20. Same. Feeling really deflated.

  21. So many adults, not a brain cell between them.

  22. That has nothing got to do with labour. Businesses are crying out for staff and labour has the chains on immigration and increasing benefits so people don’t want to work. They are a really special bunch of fuckwits. They have literally set this country back 10 years. Good riddance!

  23. How many people are on job seekers benefit? Yeah people supposedly looking for work!

  24. Jobseeker numbers are less than half of what they were at the peak of the pandemic and they continue to fall. Sorry if that isn't enough for you.

  25. I'm sure someone will have a reason to argue against what you're saying, but I can't think of any.

  26. I was thinking similar while watching the news tonight. A few whiny babies who run small businesses but failed to mention the support available to them during lockdown.

  27. Just like the bonus stage on streetfighter

  28. Going by the condition of the car, I suspect she throws a lot of drinks.

  29. As we say in the Aussie capital (Auckland): DRYYYYYYYYYYYY

  30. In Auckland? Chances are the flat comes with its own wildlife.

  31. Breast is best. Everybody knows that.

  32. Wife: OMG, all these white cars look just like ours, how will we know which one is ours?

  33. Not a mortgage broker but I + think it would absolutely affect it. Hang in there, you've done the hard part. Find yourself a place you love, get it, then find yourself a better job and then hand that notice in!

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