1. I don't know of any recaps or episode summaries not on spoilery places, but if you're a fast reader, you might benefit from skimming the transcripts (

  2. Thank you! I think I'll actually do that, I think I'll keep an eye out for specific names while skimming too

  3. I would definitely not just go read the wiki, if you look up anything other than specific episodes you will definitely spoil yourself. In ways that will be hard to avoid. You could go read episode pages for ones before 67, but any character/place/artifact/lore pages will be huge spoilers.

  4. Thank you! I am definitely not going to browse the wiki now lol. I think the current "arc" is Jon investigating the murder of Gertrude, and so far I can follow it relatively well.

  5. There's a good chance it's a bot account. They'll take highly liked comments and just copy-paste them.

  6. I think more ppl thought there was false advertising with the story trailer bc Joel was in a scenes where he wasn’t included in game…also the fact Ellie’s Seattle model was in cutscenes during the trailer. But I mean it was kind of obvious they did it so they wouldn’t give away the main point of the story. Like fans would have been more mad if Joel’s death was confirmed in trailers.

  7. Yeah, Jesse became a stand in for Joel in the trailer. Here's a good comparison:

  8. A 4 second clip should not matter this much to you. The trailer doesn’t mean anything vs the finished product. A marketing team creates the trailer for the purpose of generating interest in the product, and it is incredibly common practice to do so. For example, would you consider editing out Andrew Garfield’s and Tobey’s spider men in the No Way Home trailer? They intentionally obfuscated the narrative by omitting important characters, but there was no backlash in that case.

  9. Lmao like I said, it doesn't bother me in particular, and I liked the approach. Like you said, there's editing for that for Avengers Infinitely War too, Hulk was shown in Wakanda in a trailer when he never appeared. Cyberpunk 2077 showcased features that never made it into the game (I loved Cyberpunk BTW).

  10. Either OP randomly wrote Burmese words for "spooky void affect" or he didn't use Unicode to write it. I hope it's the former because it would be hilarious if people actually thought the Burmese language looked spooky lmao

  11. If you don't owe any taxes, then there wouldn't be any issues. I volunteer for the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) year round. If you need assistance with filing your taxes, just shoot me a message and I can set up an appointment to file them for you.

  12. It's a really fun room with snacks and games! Defo a hidden gem at SFU. Completely safe. Ignore the man wailing in the corner in a foetal position. He's working through some stuff. Just make sure you don't make eye contact.

  13. Iirc, if the Queen impales someone with the shard of ice, they'll become infatuated with the Queen and will pursue that over anything else, and Yen (The Queen) has "impaled" Geralt. So Geralt can't fully reciprocate Essi's feelings because he still truly loves Yen.

  14. I like the 3D Fallout series (Fallout 3, New Vegas, 4) too but I've finished all of them.

  15. Obvious suggestion is Outer Worlds, but you might want to consider STALKER (the anomaly mod is a free standalone game) although it might not entirely be to your tastes if you considered Far Cry 'too open'

  16. I've played the Outer Worlds and am currently playing STALKER: SoC! The Outer Worlds was pretty good and currently STALKER is good but it feels a little emptier than other games, though I suspect that it's on purpose, the atmosphere is gloomy and great and the few times I share company with NPCs are beautiful moments of respite. But it would be a little better if the side quests had more impactful stories and NPC interactions. Do you think it changes as I play (I'm currently 16 hours in) or should I just play it for what it is and learn to appreciate it overtime?

  17. I was thinking why this looked so familiar, and I think I got it - it's the same animation rig for when (spoilers for Dragon Age)

  18. I believe in multiverse theory…OP may have “dodged a bullet” in this universe, but may have paid large sum of money out of pocket in another.

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