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  1. New erosion area suddenly appears on Miami beach front

  2. There are at least 3 people on that boat 2 get flung into the water. 3rd still inside. Horrible situation. Always amazed by people thinking they know the sea and its conditions

  3. This is good . I like the first down psycho Tom. Like after he Juked Urlac

  4. I like the Sauana spelling. Gives it a Polynesian vibe.

  5. Needs a banana for scale to truly establish its price per size.

  6. If it's on private land like a shopping centre then no nsw road rules apply.

  7. Who left the travel bolts in? I did once, fucking front loader destroyed my laundry. Like R2D2 on Crack!

  8. I can hear the moustache and double chin in that clip.

  9. That couch has the best resting heart rate in the room.

  10. I am so fucking sick of driving around after work trying to find parking where I live and there are so many frigging caravans, motorhomes, boats, jetskis and trailers etc. parked permanently near where I live. I'm honestly amazed this is allowed when parking is so scarce.

  11. Had this issue on our back street Do a rego check on all the trailers using the Service nsw site Most were unregistered or expired. Then I told the council of unregistered trailers parked on street and then they were gone. Give it a go . Happy for a registered trailer to park where ever it's allowed. But don't be a dick and not pay your rego

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