AITA for forcing my son to use a bidet and threatening to talk to his friends or take him to the doctor about his underwear

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  1. That third shot gives excellent confused kitten face.

  2. In terms of another degree: think about what you want to do. Is your aim a subject librarian type role? Then honestly, the most difficult for me to hire are science/health science librarians followed by business. If I was looking for subject librarian roles, I'd look at either an MPH or an MBA - the MPH could take you down the science/health science path and the MBA works for business subject specialists and if you're interested in managing. That said, I've hired both of those types of subject librarian without the additional masters (or in a couple of cases, without the MLIS but with a different masters). If you're not looking at a subject librarian role, talk to people at your workplace in the roles you're interested in about what they see as most useful going forward.

  3. NTA. An information diet is entirely appropriate for her.

  4. (it's not leaving notes for each other, but someone hired to monitor email)

  5. NTA for the bidet thing. But kind of TA for never realizing your son had an issue. Didn't he stink? Were you just never in the same room as him?

  6. YTA and your husband even more so. He can't go what, 5 hours without alcohol?

  7. You could also try one of the cooking subs! There's a lot of fondness (and knowledge) about older cookbooks!

  8. Unfortunately moving first is not an option. For now my husband and I and our 3 dogs and 2 cats are planted firmly in the Tacoma area, although we have talked about moving to Portland, but nothing further than that for at least a few years. We could potentially relocate AFTER school

  9. Look to see if UW has positions, even perhaps UW-Tacoma and make sure to ask about tuition options if you get interviews. They have a good library school with connections to tech companies.

  10. Yeah that’s a good idea to see if they have any positions and what the discount on tuition would be, because UW absolutely would have been my first choice, I’m from Seattle, but it’s 54k fkn dollars which is just like absolutely not happening 🤣

  11. My brain leaps to one of the Ramona Quimby books - though I can't place it in a specific book. It just seems Ramona-esque.

  12. NTA: Your sister is making this all about her, and that's not what you want or need.

  13. The signs have been there since the fall of 2021.

  14. you can withdraw and end up with Ws on your transcript.

  15. To your second paragraph she could have ignored her orders of she could have stuck up for the lady and not fired her. Who cares if she was late?

  16. Sure, she could have. But then your sister wouldn't have been doing the job she's paid to do, which leads to her getting fired.

  17. Student Government Office in Student Center West

  18. I'm pretty sure they stopped doing that. OP, it's worth checking, but don't be surprised if the answer is no.

  19. YTA - he postponed braces because he was worried about what people would think/say and you've confirmed that for him.

  20. NTA - I think the comments make great points, but I personally see this is as some very toxic, borderline abusive behavior, she is being repeatedly isolated from social settings by this man

  21. With OPs update, it's absolutely abusive behavior .

  22. Your job is to take care of you and what you want to do. Library B should be anticipating that you will be looking for positions. If they're not, that's on them. You wouldn't be just not showing up one day - you'd work a notice. Also, it is Library B's problem to deal with you leaving and how to make things work with limited people if they don't do the work to hire people. I'm assuming you're female or raised female: we're often socialized to put other people's needs in front of our own needs and desires and this harms is. We (I'm including myself here) need to be more mercenary about looking out for ourselves when it comes to career progression.

  23. We are literally buying all of them. 😂 She’s gonna be just like you cleaning out my sisters closet and finding 6 Bobos. A million thank you’s can’t express it my friend. Thank you so much.

  24. A suggestion - as they come in, have your sister launder them with your niece's things (so they smell like the right detergent) and tuck one in with her at night/naps/whatever so they start smelling and feeling normal over time. That way she doesn't have to suddenly introduce a not-quite-right one to her daughter.

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