1. Mine just shipped today so I believe it’s taking a while. I hope it actually arrives in one piece. Waited weeks for my previous order only for it to go missing and then an item was missing from the replacement one. Trying really hard to avoid ordering anything for shipping online but it’s pretty hard to do when they turn off order pick up for sales. ):

  2. Bro how were y’all such best friends but barely talked for such long periods of time and didn’t even know she got engaged?? Sounds like your definition of a strong friendship may have been different than hers?

  3. I’m familiar with the feeling but don’t get it often. Acid reflux? I know taking meds without enough water or food in your body can cause it.

  4. Oh hey I have GAD and emetophobia too! I had perhaps mentally over prepared myself for nausea so by the time I started my meds, it was barely anything. Also didn’t throw up at all but I’m not prone to doing so to begin with as terrified as I am or even getting close. Starting was pretty smooth sailing for me honestly and every symptom I had that would typically scare me I would just say “eh it’ll pass, it’s just the meds” and that helped ease my anxiety a lot

  5. Well with the way anxiety and meds change the gut it’s little surprise you’re having these sort of issues, and with your anxiety ramping up that surely isn’t helping your stomach either! Unable to do any virtual appts with the doc either? I think you will be okay but perhaps adjusting your diet to lessen the acid reflux might help for a bit. :)

  6. I stressed to my doctor I wanted to start slow so she originally got me on 25mg and we worked up as time went by. I super educated myself on the symptoms the first few weeks so I was prepared and I don’t know if that’s why or if I was just lucky but I really didn’t have much adverse feelings to it and it felt like it worked for me really quickly. I think I did deal with some very light nausea and tiredness but nothing too bad. I’ve been on 50mg now for nearly a year and man… the peace of mind it’s given me is amazing lol it still amazes me to this day even though I’ve been on it quite some time now. I’m happy being on a slightly lower dose too because it feels like I’m in control still. It originally was prescribed to me for anxiety and PTSD and it helps A LOT for the ptsd especially and while I still do have anxiety issues they occur more often when it’s expected to, rather than all the time lol

  7. Very different meds but maybe I can provide insight, this reminds me of when I had similar symptoms when I was put on too high of a dose with lexapro. My first doctor instead of easing me into it gave me a high dose and insisted I take it long enough for my body to get used to it but I had a lot of issues like you described, insane nausea, weakness, hallucinations, feeling like I was going to faint etc. Perhaps if I did take them longer and let the weird symptoms pass I would’ve been okay but I just couldn’t handle them and it made my anxiety worse. All this I say is your dose perhaps too high or did you perhaps take them on an empty stomach?

  8. I love the glitter brow gels, glitter eye paints, and glitter lipsticks. The liquid highlighter is stunning!

  9. About the shipping issue - same here. I ordered 10/19, inquired about it just recently and they offered to cancel instead of giving any idea of when it’ll be shipped. I told them I’ll keep waiting. ): so sad because I have been trying to get a hold of the smoke signal eye paint for forever and finally it’s in stock but the long wait is making me anxious!

  10. Would greatly appreciate a code! Would help so much in buying Christmas and birthday gifts for my fam❤️ and of course a little something for myself :D

  11. Would love a code if anyone has one to spare! Gotta start grabbing some christmas gifts (and I have a wishlist as well hehehe) Greatly appreciate any response!

  12. Well if it stays that way, it kind of gives off a sense that it’s glowing which isn’t so bad. At least it appears consistent and not just one side or part of it blown out.

  13. Depends on your hair type I think? I have curly, dry hair, so using a mask without shampooing doesn’t cause any extra greasiness and just adds more moisture. I presume if you have hair prone to build up (maybe straighter hair?) perhaps masking without shampooing would add too much moisture and weigh it down? Would explain the other comment about greasiness. Can only speak from my limited experience but that’s just my guess.

  14. Weighted blanket, or stack several duvets/sheets/pillows or even stuffed animals on top of me while I lay in bed. Sometimes burrito-ing myself in a sheet helps a lot too.

  15. Not pajamas specifically but I def change between outside vs inside clothes. I wfh so some days I may be in my PJs/inside clothes all day but if I go outside for any reason, I’ll change into my outside clothes which are more presentable, nicer or pricier clothes I don’t want to wear down too quickly lol

  16. I’ve actually been seeing a lot of stores do this again lately. I know it was very common at the height of the pandemic and I feel like I’m seeing more of these pop up again. Have a clothing store in my mall completely closed suddenly, other store told me the whole staff got Covid. Seen more places from food service to retail put new hour signs up due to staffing issues. It doesn’t help a lot of these type of stores typically have low staff even on a good day so any one hiccup in scheduling could cause a whole hour change or even shut down.

  17. Such a weird combination of things. Crinkle gauze? Ehhh. Plaid (purple, no less…) and crochet? Weird but okay. The billowy shape coupled with what looks like slightly puffed sleeves? Odd… The sleeves and cut of the crochet also makes the shoulders look so oddly narrow but not at the same time? No thanks lol

  18. I'm still waiting on 2 orders to ship from 2 weeks ago but last order I got had one completely wrong item. I ordered tunic top in grey size 2; I got red and pink floral chiffon shirt with tie in size 6. They did not remotely resemble each other. 😂Question--- did they reship the correct items???

  19. Nope, at least not yet! I just got the package and I have a feeling it may be a while til I hear back from customer service lol

  20. I agree. I can drink fine, even harder stuff, but over a year and many medical bills later have come to find out I now have some liver issues and pains and now need to be extra careful about drinking. Be cautious out there everyone!

  21. Work from home tech support. Take calls, archive tickets. Calls were really hard to get into the first few months but I’m used to them now. It’s an ok job. Used experience from college and prior retail job to get into it (just had to tailor my resume to be more tech focused)

  22. 50mg! A little over a year. I did start on 25mg and increased to 50 about a month in because I felt my breakdowns were still too frequent. Now it’s a lot more under control and I’m happy at 50mg so far.

  23. Yea.. doesn’t help there isn’t an ETA on when “shipping issues” will get settled, so I just don’t know when to start considering ordering again. In store, sure, just definitely not considering online anymore.

  24. Mine took 17 days too! But it’s being shipped through DHL so my hopes are low. My last order through torrid using dhl got stuck in the same city for nearly 3 weeks and I had to get it cancelled. Second attempt reordering and I only bothered since I had rewards to spend. At this point I just hope it shows up eventually lol

  25. I’d advise against it.. placed an order 4/30 and it got lost in shipment(? I think? It was in the same city for a month) and I ended up having to cancel it/get a refund

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