1. Generally speaking, there are specific parts of anesthesia which are more dangerous than others. For example, the initial 'induction' or initiation, the intubation/placement of a breathing tube, and the emergence from anesthesia + extubation/removal of breathing tube are times which are more critical and not necessarily dependent on operation length.

  2. Great explanation thank you. They had to keep my husband open overnight after heart valve replacement due to a clotting issue. It was wild to think he was split down the middle for hours lol. So so glad they could close the next morning.

  3. As a lady, I would like to be served by well-dressed men as I lounge under my parasol on the bench. Alas I would also like to dance. What is a girl to do.?

  4. Have your own garden party with men AND dancing. Then get a reputation for being that girl who has the best parties.

  5. All the old Millennial/young Gen X dads in my suburban cul de sac lol. Great guys. They ride bikes together, lift weights in the garage and help work on each others cars. They stand on the curb drinking beer King of the Hill style and share their pot and shrooms. Honestly lovely folks! They are like 12 year old with high paying jobs.

  6. So creepy! I have not seen the show you are referencing but the photo of the actor def gives creepy vibes. Well done to him!

  7. Also: because laughing at My Little Bigot is funny and harmless. Bethy-boo promotes actually dangerous and harmful ideologies, practises and politics that have body counts. There's telling, grim statistics of exactly what effect her bullshit has. It's well-publicised and no great secret.

  8. He is literally the only person to have ever sincerely responded to “how are you doing?” With “so-so” accompanied by a seesaw hand gesture.

  9. Lol Spanish class flashbacks. Asi asi if I remember correctly.

  10. A man turned up to my doorstep with a jar full of dried noodles mumbling and pointing to it aggressively. He didn’t speak English so I wasn’t sure what he was doing, offering me them or what. So I politely refused and went to close the door when he stopped the door and said ‘water!’. Initially I thought he wanted a glass of water, perhaps my brain wasn’t fully engaged on the request as much as it was on this strange man and his jar of noodles on my doorstep. Then I realised he wanted boiling water to cook his noodles. In total surprise, I had no other answer but to accept. I shut the door explaining ‘one minute’. Went into my kitchen and began to boil the kettle (for the non-initiated, it’s a worktop appliance that we use to boil water to make hot drinks with). I started to lean on my worktop just thinking to myself ‘what on Earth is going on?’. As the kettle boiled I headed back to the door to find the man and his jar of noodles waiting patiently and as he saw the kettle he began to tap the jar with a smile on his face. I started to fill the jar and he raised his hand to gesture for me to stop. Not a word. Off he went stirring his jar of noodles leaving me standing on my doorstep wondering what just happened and if I had any noodles in the house.

  11. I believe McDonalds adds more carbonation to their drinks. I freaking live their Diet Coke more than other Diet Coke. Every once in awhile something’s gets thrown off though.

  12. Yep either more carbonation or more syrup. Their coke is the best!! If I buy you a coke can you be my reference for my next job application for a 9-5? Such hard work ugh!!!!!

  13. Oh it definitely is. If they’re so destitute as to turn to crime to meet their basic needs, the for-profit prison industry profits.

  14. I would not be surprised if orphanages suddenly appear in some of these states. Shitty bare bones care and education with a direct tunnel to prison or the military. Although I don't know if states would actually do this. Best to rely on the overburdened foster care system and let things sort themselves out /s.

  15. Lol, first start a rumor on quannon mom groups that pedos are running in groups and are faking being conservative and wearing camo and trump hats. But they hang around in playgrounds on the weekends.

  16. I love Trey and Bunny. I think the first time I saw them, I was off put by Bunny especially but whenever I watch it back, I realise how brilliantly funny they both are. Kyle Maclachlan (who is and always has been a fox) and Frances Sternhagen really did deliver the goods with those characters. If AJLT wanted to get me onside, I’m sure a catch up with those two would do the trick. I’m sure Trey is still henpecked by his mother, who is probably still drunk. Frances Sternhagen is still alive so it’s not too late!

  17. Another fun fact! The blonde is Shana Moakler who was married to Blink 182’s Travis Barker at the time the show aired. They also had their own reality show

  18. Oh wow thank you for the mid oughts flashback lol. Those were the days. American Idol was brand new, Paris and Nicole were living the simple life. What an innocent time ha.

  19. I bet she ingests lots of Dihydrogen Monoxide as well

  20. My great great grandparents used a lot of this stuff and not surprisingly, they have all died. People really need to be aware!

  21. Poor patient. I wonder if the family felt bad after seeing the burns from the oils. Or maybe they thought they just got a 'bad batch' sigh.

  22. I read this as "Amy Kardashian" and was ready to tuck in for some tea on a forgotten Kard.

  23. Congratulations! Happy birthday! It may take time to find varietals you like. I didn't really enjoy wine until my 30s. And some folks never develop a taste for it an that is ok! Cheers to good bottles with good friends 🍷

  24. I totally agree. If they would let loose, stop trying to be serious and politically relevant, and just let the crazy fantasies fly, I would probably become AJLT's biggest fan. I want to see Carrie dating Aidan and Berger again, maybe running into the Russian who's now over 70 and has a droopy butt, and she can't decide which one to pick...AGAIN. Charlotte opens her own art gallery or decorating business and her first customers are Trey and Bunny. Situations like that would be gold. Silly and unbelievable, but so much fun to watch.

  25. Wow. This made me tear up. I am so pleased for you. ❤

  26. When Aidan and Carrie sleep in the next door apartment and the final words 'the next day Aidan moved out.' Gah it is just so sad and poignant.

  27. Punchable face for sure. He's like a try hard high schooler trying to be cool on social media. Gah so annoying!!!

  28. I was speaking in more general terms, but you're correct. Target in the US does a car seat trade in event twice a year, which is good for unusable seats. Other than that, it's always best to buy new seats... unless they cost $550+ and you have to beg internet strangers for them.

  29. I just saw that here at my local target the past week or so. So cool they do this. I work in insurance claims and we are seeing a little pushback on buying new seats after minor accidents. Not sure how I feel about that. Non parent but how minor are we talking?

  30. I'd say minor would be anything that doesn't require maintenance beyond paint. You never know how much a car seat could be compromised after an accident, even something as minor as being rear-ended.

  31. That is what would make me nervous. Like geico can't cough up a few extra hundred bucks come on.

  32. I had major surgery immediately after being born, at a time that anesthesia likely wasn’t being used on infants. I have no idea what intense pain I must’ve felt, but the surgery was the least of it. I was in the recovery room with two other infants, and we were largely kept away from our mothers. In order to teach us how to suckle, nurses would dip a pacifier into a jar of honey before putting it into our mouths. My mom says that the nurses dipped each of our pacifiers into the same jar ultimately causing each of us to catch pneumonia. As if the surgery wasn’t traumatic enough, the “aftercare” almost killed us!

  33. Holy cow. And now we know not to give honey to babies under 1. What a world.

  34. I've decided I wanted to be the person who mails my friends cards and stuff. So I have accumulated a stock of cards and postcards, and wrote all their birthdays in my calendar, and have started sending birthday cards out. I also send sympathy cards and stuff, just because I'm sick of relying on Facebook as my way of connecting with folks. I dunno if I'll get cards on my birthday, but they have my address, and it'll be nice if I do, and okay if I don't. I'm happy it makes them happy.

  35. I am so glad you are this friend! I aspire to be this way but never do. We all love getting cards and your friends and family will appreciate you so much 💓

  36. Thank you for the link. I have seen her name around here a lot and now I know where to find her! Like duh its so obvious things need to be contained. I like how she breaks it down. I watched some of The Home Edit last night and they are all about the containers too.

  37. I am glad the protests are getting coverage. It was good to see so many men being supportive. Iran looks like such a beautiful country with incredible history and people. Iranian cinema puts out some really great works. It is a shame the government is so awful. I hope things progress and people can live freely.

  38. At least they are healthy and getting care. Hope for good health for all and really hope she has folks around to lend a hand. I do hope she enjoys parenthood. Sad they are monetizing their kid sigh.

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