1. The fuck? I tried to look at this closely to see what happened

  2. Strickland has the stand up style of a jiu jitsu guy who wants to do stand up really bad

  3. Imagine fighting the Nazis and liberating camps on their soil to keep those bastards away from your family only to have your neighbors happily flying the Nazi flag at political rallies in your own country today.

  4. That's what they fought for. So you could have freedom to do what you'd like.

  5. I love the depth of field falloff/ vignetting on the 5th and 6th pictures. Do you do that in editing or with a lens accessory?

  6. That was all editing and I only use an iPhone. If you scroll past the first few festival pics, there's some of my more current art. I've not done much the past year due to a leg injury

  7. Position before submission. You sound like you need to leave that school and go to a 10th planet where you learn a mix of all grappling sports and not some watered down Gi stuff

  8. Did he flip him off while falling to the ground unconscious lol

  9. 2x as in weight class. Do you all have the iq of fried bologna jeez Lmao

  10. I just explained to you what it means. We are talking about fighting so of course we're talking about weight classes when we talk about size. Am I in the twilight zone here lmao

  11. Oh so now tyson wants it to be boxing and in a boxing ring lol

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