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  1. Get some sleep friend. You can't be a shadow person and a user it's impossible.

  2. Good saved the kid wasting money on garbage

  3. It's.calcium carbonate it turns back to solid after freezing and doesn't re.dissolve

  4. I wouldn't pay 50 pennies fkr that PRIME stuff is terrible took 1 sip and put it in the trash

  5. Nobody wants to see your small dick dude there's other places for that.

  6. Do what it isn't like you are the first and look at all that soot

  7. Your saving the environment. For every one cubic inch of food waist thrown away 2.2 cube inches of carbon are released into the atmosphere as it decomposes.

  8. And then you shit it out and create carbon

  9. The verbiage of "All-glass ceramic coil" is contradictory, its either ceramic or its glass.

  10. There is such thing as ceramic glass just an FYI.

  11. Why not just drill holes into the metal lid and make that airtight probably would have been done in no time

  12. It's a banger attachment for your bong

  13. My family and I heard semi automatic rifle rounds being fired off for about a minute straight early tonight. We are around just off cockshutt near sour springs. It was pretty wild.

  14. The firearm involved in this case was a 9mm handgun.

  15. Probably because you are stopped/parkedin a bicycle lane.

  16. The worst security ever. I was there for my birthday once with bottle service but when I went fir a cig they denied me entry. That was the last time I went there.

  17. Solar panel to charge power banks etc

  18. So you sell cocaine and get high on your own supply.

  19. Can you drag your loaded up John boat through the thick woods into different backcountry lakes and streams in a portage?

  20. Well unfortunately it is a 3 seasons tent and you are in the 4th season I'd buy a 4 season tent

  21. So just box an actual boxer?

  22. Can confirm, worked in a bowling alley with pin setting machines from the 50s. Can confirm, lots of exposed moving parts. Almost lost a thumb nail once from not paying attention. Was told by the guy who trained me that people have had fingers ripped off by the drive belts and be crushed by the pin setting heads.

  23. That's what happened to buddy valastro the cake boss dude he crushed his hands and impaled it severely trying to fix the pi setting machine in the lanes in his house now he can barely make a cake.

  24. I can just picture Wesley Snipes cussing out the fucking ticket machine

  25. I believe that was John Spartan collecting tickets to wipe because did not know how to use the 3 shells. Simon Fenix may have when he blew up the police car recording the first mdk in Los Angeles in 20 some odd years.

  26. What would you suggest about the hardware effecting the pull and not getting you high?

  27. Silly question is your battery fully charged and volt setting not turned way down?

  28. I have a brilliant idea since the teachers will be all sitting with their feet up while the support staff protest maybe they can go to their place of employment and watch over the children they educate instead of asking once again for parents to miss work and wages while they collect their salary and get even more time off.

  29. Are you serious they're still suffering from those fucking seeds? I haven't bought it since my last pick months and months ago which was flooded in those little seeds. Which obviously changes the flavor profile and everything about the buzz. They should fix it because that stuff's top notch CBD

  30. You shouldn't really be getting a buzz on CBD

  31. 6 months in a barrel then 6 months in a box in a warehouse.

  32. Where are they selling 10 dollar buckets of chicken a single piece is over 4 bucks these days ffs

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