1. That's a beauty Costco chair and that is for an umbrella I have the same chair in the same colour

  2. A pipe and.so.e hash would be easily obtained better then going sober.

  3. Vape carts helped me quit poppers (tobacco with weed in a bong ) and trust me that was harder then hell. But I do agree they’re powerful if you find you’re having problems maybe seek help. I kind of got bored of the carts after smoking hundreds and then switched to hash. I’m on vacation now In Vegas where the weed and carts suck(they don’t even know what full spectrum means here) so my last 3-4 days here are sober since I didn’t enjoy the over priced distillate carts here. T break can go a long way it will be painful at first but you can do it.

  4. I thought you were bored of carts and smoking hash now?

  5. Wrong colt 45 he's talking about the malt liquor.

  6. I would put it through the metal ring, I think that outer loop is the pull tab for your finger.

  7. You are correct sir it is added to make it easier to pull pegs through metal ring.

  8. I'm sure your employer and family woukd recognize you from your kitchen table tattoos.

  9. Yeah bro rso was smoked constantly in high school 20+ yrs ago. The solvent is purged live every other concentrate. I don't miss smoking rso.

  10. RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) has only been around since the early 2000s

  11. Last week it was because he found out his buddy was addicted to Heroin..

  12. You need to go to bed dude psychosis has got you. And the shadow people will never be able to be hit with your 1 2 Mayweather.

  13. You need to go to bed dude psychosis has got you. And the shadow people will never be able to be hit with your 1 2 Mayweather.

  14. Is that thing still alive or possessed and evil?

  15. Nvm the clouds what's on your hand

  16. Def looks like he has trouble breathing..

  17. Peel the vanilla minta sticker off ;) do you have LA Kushcake as well under it?

  18. Also 5 times the space taken for transport room.

  19. Sorry, I forgot to include that there are two of us smoking my ounce and I toss some buds to the occasional neighbour or friend.

  20. What bids if you are smoking pre milled..

  21. Find where the casino shuttle departs from be like 18 dollars to get to niagara.

  22. Pura vida honey pil is pretty good

  23. I thought it was a white van?

  24. Give him a few months by the way he burned the ahit out of that bowl clearly he's just starting his magical mystery ride.

  25. Well it is a divvy value brand and also cbd of.course it's mids.

  26. Holy fuck its the meth twacked broke Chris Brown.

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