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  1. he is an adult how did he survive the last 24 years?

  2. Now there's a couple of super chilled out buns. :-))

  3. I'm not sure what OP is asking for here.

  4. What a gorgeous collection of pix. Very content buns, snoozing away. Loved the sand mound pic, I bet they had a fun day of digging, they look tired, lol

  5. Does the sign behind really say "Shit Paris"?

  6. Don't watch for him through your windows though, best get busy burying them first.

  7. This is a tricky one. While I detest lies and deceit, how much of this is lies is hard to say.

  8. Maybe the picker had an existential moment.

  9. They're already sounding pretty silly, so go with the flow, wear bandage like a turban. They'll probably know you're not of that faith, but can't question you about it. Turbans are warm, and you'll be the smartest looking guy in the warehouse. :)

  10. Can you post a pic of the alarm fob?

  11. Don’t have a key fob - only a normal car key (it is the factory “Isuzu” key)

  12. Ok, so that is the later/revised alarm/fob.

  13. No worries, thank you. It's such a lovely photo, and he looks like he's having fun with it, big rabbit hole, lol.

  14. They smooged so much, they share an ear. Lol

  15. She’s really controlling and any disagreement she brings up, I go with. But when I bring them up it’s a issue

  16. But not controlling enough to control a door hinge.

  17. That is a very easy fault to diagnose, and a 1 min test drive monitoring wheel rotation speed with the scanner will test the presence (absence) of a rotation signal.

  18. Congratulations to you both. And WELL DONE.

  19. Just out of interest, how are you being paid?

  20. Depending on the variety, age, size and proximity to building/structures cutting down trees can cause damage to foundations..

  21. How would the council have ended up with a cost and budget approval for works without a survey being done prior?

  22. Was this written by a 13 year old?

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