1. I always thought it was obvious that it was meant as a funny alliterating name, the books are full of that kind of names

  2. Groot Brittannië wordt veroverd en wordt ons nieuwe Waddeneiland: Wadtannië

  3. Bh6 is just what you played, not necessarily the best move

  4. It’s kind of crazy that the score was so close in the end. Either this bot is really viable, or that teammate Dreaz hard carried.

  5. Under promotion to bishop into il vaticano mate, also known as the holy enlightment mate, first used in 1546 in a match between the pope and a Pagan group trying to decentralize the catholic regime

  6. This specific case is called il verticano thank you very much

  7. But you could compare the magnitudes of positive and negative signals

  8. I'm not entirely sure, I should add that it credited me with a poolshot

  9. The cheat detection is pretty reliable you're safe. Nice game

  10. It would be nice if casual got a MMR reset. I understand it’s just casual but man, whew, it’d be nice to relax in casual. I’m like 900mmr in ranked and 1500mmr in casual. It’s painful and I don’t understand why I’m there lol

  11. It does get reset for the higher MMR casual players, above 1700 or something

  12. I am new to this sub. Can someone explain to me why the websites aren't doing anything, or how I'm supposed to be interpreting* what it is saying?

  13. The links lead to an analysis board of this position. You can either make moves to continue the game, or ask for a computer evaluation (+ or - some number, usually). The computer evaluation can also show the best move which is very useful if you want to learn about a position

  14. do you have a source on the second being defined that way, instead of just measured that way because of a happy coincidence? wikipedia doesn't seem to support it

  15. The second was originally just the unit of time that goes 24*3600 times into a day on Earth. The meter was then defined using the existing definition of the second in a way involving a pendulum

  16. How hard can it be do find a world map larger than 500x280px

  17. Zo'n 200 keer! Ik werk voor René zijn bedrijf. :)

  18. Kan je vertellen wat voor inhoud de training dan wel heeft?

  19. Unless each of the 300 drum the same rhythm on a log, simultaneously?

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