1. Can't believe this guy's SS got him the MG SP00N VerKa Special Coating Gundam Base Exclusive.

  2. It's used for cleaning up the enamel-based Tamiya panel liner products

  3. interesting, is it better than paint thinner? I mean, enamel paint, enamel paint thinner was the way I went.

  4. It's close to white spirit/mineral spirit/enamel thinner in composition I think. Maybe a bit safer to use on the plastic?

  5. oh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm looking forward to it!! Thank you!

  6. I'll be flying in on this weekend for a wedding. Doesn't look too far away! I might try to stop by and take a gander.

  7. With a KQ sticker on it to boot! Straight outta the 90's!

  8. Poor guy just needs to hit the charging dock. Seen some shit.

  9. I like it. I feel like the rifle could use a little more highlight to match the suit.

  10. I posed it like this and thought 'yeah I could probably dirty up the cannon a bit more.' I'll probably do that.


  12. Could just be the mould tolerancing. I had the same issue you had with those calf vents.

  13. FM Kenbu was a fantastic experience. The inclusion of clear parts was a huge plus for me.

  14. Maybe wet sanding? Use like a really high grit sandpaper,like 15k or something and wet sand. Test is on a bit that can't be seen too well, like the underside of a bumper.

  15. I'll be wet sanding when I get to the final gloss coat. Gotta do the details next, marker lights, badges, etc.

  16. Thinned with X-20A 1:1 and a couple drops of Tamiya Acrylic Retarder.

  17. Watched a video where one fellow was using X-22 with Mr. Leveling Thinner. Looked that up, it appears to be a thinner for lacquers. I don't have any MLT so I mixed X-22 with some Tamiya Lacquer thinner. Gloss sheen improved greatly on some test parts. That seems to have fixed the problem.

  18. Man, I just had an interview there. Near the end I asked the folks "Do you like working here?" and I got some very him-n-haw answers. They even told me they were seriously jonesing for help.

  19. It looks like the instructions imply that you're supposed to glue the pin retainer (62A) to the wheel to capture the pin.

  20. Chacho’s taqueria is another great spot

  21. Is that one new? More importantly, do they serve horchata??

  22. Valid question. I have no answer other than that it's just the way I've done it.

  23. Bro, just make it part of its design. Like get some little mechanic figurines and paint them up as zeons doing repairs on it. The clean matte parts are the parts that have been replaced or cleaned up already.

  24. You're talking as in the Zekes just shot a new coat of paint on the armor but left the frame all chipped?

  25. Is that the large paint rack from HobbyZone?

  26. I've got a complement of racks from a shop called GameCraft Miniatures. One for Tamiya paints, one for those square Testors bottles, and the painting station that fits Model Master bottles.

  27. So the main armor parts weren’t painted, just a top flat coat? That look is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. Looks awesome!

  28. Had a knocked engine and the paint looks really really rough. No shade to the owner though, they were only asking $500 for it which isn’t too delusional imo.

  29. That hinge kit probably sells for more than $500 new

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